Festival success statistics

Info on the successes of films promoted by Festagent at Russian and international festivals

623 prizes, 3498 nominations in total

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec total
2020 8/14 4/17 8/17 4/13 0/12 2/12 0/7 26/92
2019 2/18 3/18 10/62 11/59 9/42 8/41 12/54 21/79 14/79 16/86 24/119 15/104 145/761
2018 2/11 2/23 12/69 6/92 11/48 12/66 13/57 14/102 16/120 13/111 24/135 12/68 137/902
2017 2/8 7/26 9/34 6/56 3/38 8/40 4/41 16/75 9/99 16/89 28/125 9/49 117/680
2016 0/1 1/10 3/11 8/34 6/29 8/34 4/18 11/84 15/87 18/62 13/64 6/86 93/520
2015 0/2 0/6 0/9 2/16 1/7 0/8 1/4 2/11 2/18 1/8 5/25 2/18 16/132
2014 1/4 0/10 3/8 7/15 1/6 2/12 0/13 1/13 0/19 0/23 4/23 3/12 22/158
2013 2/4 0/1 3/8 3/21 4/14 2/19 3/11 6/22 5/22 9/40 8/32 1/13 46/207
2012 0/3 1/1 2/2 0/1 3/3 1/6 6/10 3/3 16/29
2011 0/1 1/3 1/3 1/1 1/1 0/3 4/12
2010 0/3 1/1 0/1 1/5

July 2020 7 nominations, 0 prizes

June 2020 12 nominations, 2 prizes

Indiebo Film Festival Colombia

SPLICE Film Fest United States

May 2020 12 nominations, 0 prizes

Raw Science Film festival United States

Vox Feminae Croatia

Хрустальные ключи Russia

April 2020 13 nominations, 4 prizes

Adagio for Strings and Storm Best European Independent Music Video

San Bernardino International Student Film Festival United States

Дубль дв@ Russia
My Little Sister Audience award, Jury diploma to Arslan Krymchurin
Fuel Jury diploma
Once in Trubchevsk Grand Prix

March 2020 17 nominations, 8 prizes

The Station Award of Merit

FantasPorto Portugal
The Soul Conductor the Best Visual Effects

Living it up First Place
Fuel Special Jury Prize
Shot Special Jury Prize

Mommy’s Calf Second place

MidWest WeirdFest United States
The Soul Conductor Best Foreign Language Film

Cathy Quest Diploma for the best series

February 2020 17 nominations, 4 prizes

Ambitus Russia
My name is Petya Best Short Film

FantasPorto Portugal
The Soul Conductor Best Visual Effects Award

January 2020 14 nominations, 8 prizes

My name is Petya Best Short Film in Woman Filmmakers Section

Moscow Indie Film Festival Russia
Upcycle Best Documentary
Crew 3,14 Best script
A Chance to Dance Best actor
Mommy’s Calf Best director
Living it up Best cinematography
The Robbers Losers Best Fiction, Best actress

Panic Fest United States

December 2019 104 nominations, 15 prizes

22nd Rendezvous Istanbul International Film Festival Turkey

Artkinofest Russia
Women’s Dorm Диплом зрителей Москвы 3-й степени

Bastau Kazakhstan

Bucharest Short Film Festival Romania

Ca Foscari International Film Festival Italy

Dead Rose Russia

Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival Bosnia and Herzegovina
Upcycle Best Documentary

Blood Best screenplay

Stalker Russia
My name is Petya Best Short Film

The Lift Off Sessions

USHQYN Kazakhstan

Electric Current Best Short film

Vision Russia

Yale Student Film Festival United States

Всероссийская акция "День короткометражного кино" Russia

Дни российского кино в Индии India

Дни российского кино в Нью-Йорке United States

Дни российского кино в Токио Japan

Дни русской культуры в Эссене Germany

Международный кинофестиваль российских короткометражных фильмов Austria

Неделя российского детского кино в Сербии «Сказки детства» Serbia

Неделя российского кино в Австралии Australia

Неделя российского кино в Армении Armenia

Неделя российского кино в Великобритании United Kingdom

Неделя российского кино в Кувейте Kuwait

Неделя российского кино в Мехико Mexico

Неделя российского кино в Сербии Serbia

Неделя российского кино в Токио Japan

Фестиваль нового русского кино Czech Republic

Фестиваль русского кино в Лиможе France

November 2019 119 nominations, 24 prizes

Blow-Up United States

CortoDino Italy
My name is Petya Best Screenplay

Dating Russia Russia
Once in Trubchevsk Best fiction film

My name is Petya Statuette for Best Editing

Living it up SilverDinosaur, Audience award

Fenêtres Sur Courts France

Filmstock Film Festival United States
Upcycle Special Mention

Galaxy 35 mm Russia
Mommy’s Calf Audience choice award, Best actor
The Daydreamer Jury Special Prize, Best music

My name is Petya Special Jury Prize "For the Mother's Heart"
Mommy’s Calf Special prize

KinoSTART Russia
Living it up Best directing
My name is Petya Best Short Film
Test Drive Prize

Lamezia International Film Fest Italy

Muvi Portugal

Tempus Belarus
My name is Petya Best Short Film
My name is Petya Audience Award Best Short Film

My name is Petya Special Diploma for Best Screenplay

Vision Russia
Living it up Organizer's prize

My Little Sister Audience Award

Mommy’s Calf Best film for children

Дни российского кино в Монголии Mongolia

Журавли Russia

Золотая башня Russia

Кинофестиваль "Журавли" памяти А.Баталова Russia
My Little Sister Best film for children

Кинофестиваль имени Алексея Баталова Журавли Russia
My name is Petya Best Short Film

Международный фестиваль фильмов для детей и юношества в Армении Armenia

Неделя Российского кино в Таджикистане Tajikistan

Неделя российского кино в Берлине Germany

Неделя российского кино в Париже France

October 2019 86 nominations, 16 prizes

ANIMAFILM Azerbaijan

Artfools EcoFashion Film Festival Greece

BRNO16 Czech Republic

My name is Petya Best Short Film

Cover Ukraine
My name is Petya 3rd Short Film Award
History of Moldova. Stephen The Great Best historical TV film

My name is Petya Third place in the nomination Best Short Debut

Kunaki Russia

LAMPA Russia
My name is Petya Figurine in the nomination Best Short Film

Think Positive! 3rd place in foreign film category

Schlingel Germany

St. Vladimir Russia
My name is Petya Best short film 3 place

The Way Best feature documentary

Неделя Российского кино в Бельгии Belgium

Неделя Российского кино в Эстонии Estonia

Неделя российского кино в Вене Austria

Неделя российского кино в Стамбуле Turkey

September 2019 79 nominations, 14 prizes

My name is Petya Prize Best Director

The Paints Special Diploma
My name is Petya Audience Award Sapphire Phoenix
My Little Sister Special Prize

Moscow Shorts Russia
Upcycle Best experimental short film

Take It Easy Film Festival United States
VR CR3W Short Foreign Comedy

My name is Petya Special Jury Mention for Visual Delicacy and Narrative Content

My Little Sister Best feature fiction
My name is Petya Diploma of the Jury for the Kindness, Humanity and Mercy
My name is Petya Diploma of the Children's Jury for the Disclosure of the theme of Special children

«Вознесенский FEST. Мне 20 лет» Russia

Неделя российского кино в Исландии Iceland

Неделя российского кино в Киргизии Kyrgyzstan

РусалФестивальКино Russia

August 2019 79 nominations, 21 prizes

Artkinofest Russia
Think Positive! Best short fiction up to 20 minutes

Fresco Armenia
The Crying of Tanbur Best message of "Peace"
My name is Petya Best message of "Family values" and "Repentance"

KONIK Russia
Living it up Special Jury Prize
Shot Best editing
Fuel Best Film, Best cinematography, Best Art Direction

New Harvest Russia
JUMP Best cinematography
The Paints Audience Award
Ispoved Bar Выбор организаторов

Okno Filmfest Russia
Quicksilver Chronicles Главный приз в секции "Копродукция", Диплом Гильдии киноведов и кинокритиков России

My name is Petya Best actor Peter Del

Upcycle Best Fashion Short

Наше кино Russia

July 2019 54 nominations, 12 prizes

Artkinofest Russia
Fuel Best Camera Work

BUZZ IFF Romania
Ambivalence Best Feature Film
Calendar Best Student Film

WISHBUTTON Best student film, Best screenplay, Best actor

Kinolikbez Russia
Summer with and without Grandpa «Сила слова» - за гуманистическое кино
Fuel «Новая волна» - за новаторское кино
Living it up Best Russian Short Film, Audience Award

Orlenok Russia
My Little Sister Special prize

Terra Best Quetzalcoatl International Short Film

WISHBUTTON Best international fiction short film “RuralFicción”


«Северная Ягода» Russia

Нашествие Russia

Нашествие Russia

Таврида Арт Russia

June 2019 41 nominations, 8 prizes

Art Film Fest Slovakia
MERRY-GO-ROUND Audience Award

Dumbo Film Festival United States

International Buddhist Film Festival United States

My name is Petya Best short film
My Little Sister Best young actress and the kindest film

My name is Petya Best editing
My name is Petya Second place in the category Best short film

Читка Russia

May 2019 42 nominations, 9 prizes

Cronograf Moldova


Fest Cine Pedra Azul Brazil

Golden Knight Russia
My name is Petya Golden diplom
Barabbas Bronze Knight

Golden Raven Russia
Terra Best Short Documentary Film

Golden five Russia
My name is Petya Prize for the full interpretation of author's position

Kinokavkaz Russia
Terra Best Documentary Film

628 Best Student Film

London International Motion Pictures Awards United Kingdom

The Seoul Guro International Film Festival South Korea

ZLIN Czech Republic

Кинобарс Russia
The Paints Special Prize of The Directing Guildia

Международный кинофестиваль GUKIFF South Korea

April 2019 59 nominations, 11 prizes

VR CR3W Best Varsity Short

Darbhanga International Film Festival India

Strangers of Patience Best Actress
Sea-buckthorn Summer Лучший игровой фильм, Лучшая мужская роль, Приз имени Андрея Петрова за лучшую музыку

New Wave Bulgaria

628 Best Short Film

My name is Petya Best short film
Old Goat Audience Award

Короткие встречи Austria

Международный кинофестиваль российских короткометражных фильмов Austria

March 2019 62 nominations, 10 prizes

Eight women Russia
My name is Petya Diploma of the Jury
Let Me Live My Life Best Documentary

European Cinematography Awards France

Superprize First place
Success Gold Lada

MovieStan Saudi Arabia

Pro! Russia

Saint Anna Russia
Trip to Paris Grand Prix
House on Clauzewerz’s Head За сочетание выразительности изображения и художественного замысла
Point of bifurcation Best Actors Ansamble

VIII Международный кинофестиваль "Просто хорошее кино" Russia
Strangers of Patience Best directing

Watersprite United Kingdom

Women's Film Festival United States

Дни Российского кино в Экс-ле-Бене France

Когда русские зажигают France

February 2019 18 nominations, 3 prizes

17 moments Russia
Barabbas Best Male Actor, Best Cinematography

628 The Second Prize, Special Jury Prize for The Best Actress

Prague Film festival La Película Czech Republic

January 2019 18 nominations, 2 prizes

Dublin Smartphone Film festival Ireland

Guwahati International Children Film Festival India

Internationales Festival Zeichen der Nacht Germany

Sofia Menar International Film Festival Bulgaria

Премия «Золотой орел» Russia
Materia Best Short

December 2018 68 nominations, 12 prizes

Национальная молодёжная кинопремия Russia

The Real Screenplay Лучший игровой фильм


Dating Russia Russia
Into_nation of Big Odessa Special prize of the Vologda oblast Government
Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins Winner of a To Russia for Adventures nomination

InShort Nigeria

No Love No Death Jury special prize

Kino Click Russia
Superprize Third place

Kortfilmsdagen Sweden

Meglio Matti Italy

Calendar Press prize
Strangers of Patience Best Director; Best Actress
Into_nation of Big Odessa SIFFA President's Award For the artistic embodiment of the unity of global and local
Scream Special mention of the jury

Short Films & Video Clips Contest «ArtShort - 2018» Russia

Velcom Smartfilm Belarus
Yahor Приз народного жюри и специальный приз от компании Velcom как лучший белорусский фильм

Вечера российского кино в Бордо France

Воткинский международный фестиваль Russia

ИНПУТ-2018 Russia

Национальная молодёжная кинопремия Russia

November 2018 135 nominations, 24 prizes

Bastau Kazakhstan
Scream For best cinematography

Camerimage Poland

Elche International Fantastic Film Festival - FANTAELX Spain

FICA Athletics Festival Spain

Funduk Russia
Superprize First place


Kunaki Russia

Coupled Best Feature, Best Leading Actor

PiterKit Russia
Scream Special Prize
Old Goat Audience Award


Shorts Russia
Superprize Grand Prize & Prize of the festival organizers

Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins Best film about Mountain Culture — Silver Edelweiss

Дни российского кино в Монголии Mongolia

Кинопрограмма в Российском доме науки и культуры в Берлине Germany

Неделя российского кино в Берлине Germany

Неделя российского кино в Бразилии Brazil

Неделя российского кино в Париже France

Неделя российского кино в Японии Japan

Новый русский фильм Czech Republic

Spring prize "For working with actors"
Farewell, my love! Grand Prize
WISHBUTTON prize "For working with actors"

Российский кинофестиваль комедии «Улыбнись, Россия!» Russia
The Last Warrior Best family comedy

October 2018 111 nominations, 13 prizes

Cover Ukraine
Superprize Special prize

KineNova Macedonia

628 Special Jury Mention for Actress Maria Lapshina

Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest Italy

SHNIT Switzerland
Storge Diploma for unique acting performance
House on Clauzewerz’s Head Diploma for audacity of thought

Sanford Film Festival United States

The Collar Best Picture
The Collar Best Actor
The Collar Best Acting Ensemble

St. Vladimir Russia
The Real Screenplay Специальный приз жюри «За творческое решение»

THESS Greece

The International Web Series Festival of Medellin (FIS-MED) Colombia

September 2018 120 nominations, 16 prizes

60 Seconds or Less United States
Superprize Comedy award

Amur Fest Russia
Barabbas Best Cinematography
Strangers of Patience Приз Российской Газеты
Coupled Prize of the press, Best Actress

BEAST Portugal

CHP Web Fest Denmark

Encounters United Kingdom

FAN CHILE, Festival Audiovisual para Niños Chile

Flahertiana Russia
Let Me Live My Life National Competition Jury Award for the best film of the «Russian Flahertiana» program

Calendar Special Jury's Prize

Shenyang International Short Film Festival China

Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins Diploma for the camera crew: for revealing the wild nature of Kamchatka

Неделя российского кино в Азербайджане Azerbaijan

Российско-китайский фестиваль короткометражного кино в Далянь China

Форум Время кино Russia

August 2018 102 nominations, 14 prizes

Busho Hungary

Edera Film Festival Italy

Chernish Best child role

For What?.. Best film in Russian

Okno Filmfest Russia
I'm 20 Special jury prize
Ailing Angel Special Jury Prize
Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins Diploma of the jury, Diploma of Savva Kulish "For ceative search
Ambivalence Диплом "За творческий поиск"

Sarajevo Film Festival Bosnia and Herzegovina

July 2018 57 nominations, 13 prizes

BUZZ IFF Romania
The Leg Short Buzz Trophy
Superprize Best sudent film

Ertis Cinema International festival of short feature films and documentaries Kazakhstan
Superprize Second place

Calendar Special mention

Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins Premio Ente Progetto Natura, Trofeo Stambecco d’Oro Junior

Lebanese Independent Film Festival Lebanon


NO-ONE Best Feature Film, Best Cinematography

Международный фестиваль короткого игрового кино и документальных фильмов «Ertis Cinema» Kazakhstan

Хрустальный источник Russia
Unforgiven Audience Award, Best Leading Actor, Press Prize

June 2018 66 nominations, 12 prizes

Kinotavr Russia
Calendar Best film
Russian Psycho Best Director
628 Диплом жюри «За героиню»

Pesaro Italy

Porto Femme Portugal
The Net Grand Prize

SmartPhilm Festival United States
Employee of The Year Smart Fiction Award and the Grand Prize.

Superprize Second place

Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins Диплом жюри за выдающееся визуальное решение при работе в экстремальных условиях
Life with Bacteria The Grand Prix

Неделя российского кино в Мексике Mexico

Фестиваль уличного кино Russia

May 2018 48 nominations, 11 prizes

Calendar Joint Second Prize

Success special jury prize

The Collar Award
We Need You 2nd Prize
The Dinner Incentive diploma
The Forgotten Diploma of 1st level in category "Best Film", Diploma of Second level in category "Best Directing"

Be-be-bears Финалист премии

April 2018 92 nominations, 6 prizes

Arc Film Festival Germany

Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins Grand Prix, Best Cinematographer

DaKINO International Film Festival Russia

Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins Prize of the Green Education Fund for Inspiring Message


Go Short Netherlands

Mediawave Hungary
Odd Woman Audience Award for Alexey Gopsha’s photography work

Moscow Shorts Russia

Wieczory z kinem rosyjskim Poland

Ника Russia
You Rock Nomination

March 2018 69 nominations, 12 prizes

Watch Over Me, My Talisman... nominated for the Best Film "From First World War to a Peaceful Future"

The Living Go Ahead Special Mention – Best cinematography
Old Goat Best Short Film, Audience Choice Award

Kis Best cinematography

Международный кинофестиваль «Просто хорошее кино» Russia

February 2018 23 nominations, 2 prizes

Beloit Film Festival United States

DOCfeed Netherlands

Defenders Russia

Ecran StDenis France


Golden Eagle Russia
You Rock Nomination

Mountain Film Festival United States
The Rope Seven Summits Awards

Short Movie Club Belarus

Univercine France

January 2018 11 nominations, 2 prizes

The Living Go Ahead Best Cinematography

IndieJunior Allianz - International Children's and Youth Film Festival Portugal

Kustendorf Serbia
MERRY-GO-ROUND Special Prize

Morocco Adventure Films Festival Morocco

December 2017 49 nominations, 9 prizes

Artkinofest Russia
The Forgotten Audience Choice Award - Film of the Year
Milk Special Award by Elena Glikman

Bereginya Russia
You are not alone! First award


Canada Shorts Canada
Formers Award of Commendation

Midlife Crisis Special Prize
Days of the War GRAND PRIX

Life with Bacteria The Best Science Flm

The Collar Best Costume Design

Multivision Russia
Animatango Best Producer

TAFIC Tapiales International Film Festival Argentina

Неделя российского кино в Бордо France

Русское сердце Russia

November 2017 125 nominations, 28 prizes

Animae Caribe Trinidad and Tobago

Baltimore New Media Fest United States

Cyber Sousa China
Fantasy Patrol Silver Dolphin - Best Animated Series
Jingliks Golden Dolphin - Best Animated Series

Golden Eagle Russia
Girlfrend for Rent Long-list (Best Editing of the Film)
Sinbad. Pirates of the Seven Storms Long-list (Best Animated Film)
Animatango Long-list (Best Animation Film)
The Net Long-list (Best Director)
MERRY-GO-ROUND Long-list (Best Short Film)
Odd Woman Long-list (Best Short Ffilm)

Small Forest Stories Nominee for International Division

InShadow Film Festival Portugal

KIN Armenia

... a Different Me Prize of the President of the Festival
Challenge Grand Prix
Good Evening Diploma for courage and capacity
Short Waves Diploma for a penetrating author's vision

Kunaki Russia

Matera Sport Film festival Italy

Moscow Indie Film Festival Russia

PSSST! Silent Film Festival Croatia

THESS Greece

Zinebi Spain
Milk Silver Award

Вечевой колокол Russia

Кронштадский фестиваль Russia

Huh Best Lead Actor, Audience Award

October 2017 89 nominations, 16 prizes

BRNO16 Czech Republic

Banjaluka Bosnia and Herzegovina

Copenhagen Underground Film festival Denmark

Cover Ukraine
Softy 3rd degree Diploma

DocsMx Mexico

Film Front Serbia

Green Apple Russia
The Living Go Ahead Best Historical Film
Nonrandomness Special Prize
Spring is Coming Special Prize
Masterpiece Best comedy

Jahorina Film Festival Bosnia and Herzegovina

Red Finch Film Festival United States

Russia Russia
Life with Bacteria The Prize of a Cinema Press

SHNIT Switzerland
Milk Grand Prix

ScreenDance Film Festival Sweden

Slemani IFF Iraq

St. Vladimir Russia
You are not alone! Third prizewinner

TOFUZI Georgia

Tetova International Film Festival ODA Macedonia

Exit Grand Prix

Дни российского кино в Словакии Slovakia

Золотая башня Russia

September 2017 99 nominations, 9 prizes

BALINALE Indonesia

MERRY-GO-ROUND Silver Star Short Film competition

Superprize Audience Choice

Krok Russia
Animatango Best Movie in the category "Applied Animation"

Northern Traveling Film Festival Iceland

Schlingel Germany

Shenyang International Short Film Festival China
Odd Woman Best Lead Actress

Киноклубный показ на Ленфильме Russia

August 2017 75 nominations, 16 prizes

Busho Hungary

Golden Dragonfly International Short film Festival Dominican Republic

Kinoshok Russia
Formers Special jury mention

HAPPYMAN Special Mention

Дни российского кино в Киргизии Kyrgyzstan

July 2017 41 nominations, 4 prizes

SICAF South Korea

Chronicles of a Paranoiac Best International Series

Milk Special Mention of the Jury

June 2017 40 nominations, 8 prizes

The Living Go Ahead Award of Excellence

Bangalore Shorts Film Festival India
The Elevator Best Director

Kinotavr Russia
MERRY-GO-ROUND Best Short Film
Milk Special Mention of the Jury, Critic's Guild Diploma

Jingliks Magnolia Awards Nominee, Best animated TV series

Кинофестиваль стран БРИКС China

May 2017 38 nominations, 3 prizes

Cannes Global Russians France

Erotic&Bizarre Art Film Festival Spain

International Film Festival, Cinema of the Future Society , “A-FestFilm”

Ploiesti International Film Festival Romania

Scenecs Netherlands

Short Film Corner France

Masterpiece Best Young Director, Best Edit

Milk Grand Prix

Vivat! Russia
After You're Gone Best Lead Actor

ZLIN Czech Republic

Дни Российского Кино в Греции Greece

April 2017 56 nominations, 6 prizes

Festival du Film Vert Switzerland

Richmond Dance Festival United States

Saint Anna Russia
Huh Diploma "For the elegance and style of the director's drawing"
Milk Grand Prix, Special Prize of the President of the Festival

Huh 3rd place in short film competition

всероссийский экологический фестиваль «МЕРИДИАН НАДЕЖДЫ» Russia

“Nicht nur Vodka, Krieg und Kartoffel” Germany

March 2017 34 nominations, 9 prizes

Gogol. The Beginnig Award of Excellence Special Mention

CinéGlobe Switzerland

Cycle Best Foreign Film

Eight women Russia
Good Boy Special prize of the Union of Journalists
After You're Gone Audience Award

Kino pavasaris Lithuania

Masterpiece Special mention by the jury

The Forgotten Лучший игровой фильм до 30 минут

Pro! Russia
Cycle Лучший режиссёр
The Forgotten Лучший короткометражный фильм

ReelAbilities United States

Scenecs Netherlands

February 2017 26 nominations, 7 prizes

Defenders Russia
After the War Best Actor Award

Allergic to the truth Golden Lada
After the War Bronze Lada
Sin Category C (Professionals): 2nd place

Cycle The Best Director

Дни российского кино в Казахстане Kazakhstan

Good Boy Best startup: Family feature film

Фестиваль русского кино в Нанте France

January 2017 8 nominations, 2 prizes