Awards and Screenings

Awards and Screenings

Info on the successes of films promoted by Festagent at Russian and international festivals

938 prizes, 4929 nominations in total

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec total
2022 13/24 3/6 9/23 9/34 11/61 9/40 8/54 0/37 62/279
2021 2/8 4/21 8/23 10/57 5/22 6/28 4/32 7/51 23/125 26/124 20/126 29/83 144/700
2020 8/14 6/17 8/17 4/13 1/12 3/14 2/27 25/85 24/89 16/79 23/128 13/51 133/546
2019 2/18 3/18 10/62 11/60 9/42 8/41 12/54 21/80 15/80 16/86 25/119 15/104 147/764
2018 2/11 2/23 12/69 6/92 11/48 12/66 13/57 14/102 16/118 13/111 24/135 12/68 137/900
2017 2/8 7/26 9/34 7/56 3/38 8/40 4/41 16/75 8/98 16/89 28/125 9/49 117/679
2016 0/1 1/10 3/11 8/34 6/29 8/34 4/18 11/83 15/87 18/62 13/64 6/86 93/519
2015 0/2 0/6 0/9 2/16 1/7 0/8 1/4 2/11 2/18 1/8 5/25 2/18 16/132
2014 1/4 0/10 3/8 7/15 1/6 2/12 0/13 1/13 0/19 0/23 4/23 3/12 22/158
2013 2/4 0/1 3/8 3/21 4/14 2/19 3/11 6/21 5/22 9/40 8/32 1/13 46/206
2012 0/3 1/1 2/2 0/1 3/3 1/6 6/10 3/3 16/29
2011 0/1 1/3 1/3 1/1 1/1 0/3 4/12
2010 0/3 1/1 0/1 1/5

August 2022 37 nominations, 0 prizes

Ravenheart International Film Festival

Первый фестиваль нового кино Russia

July 2022 54 nominations, 8 prizes

Ariano International Film Festival Italy

Ecocine - Festival Internacional de Cinema Ambiental e Direitos Brazil

Only, I Am Normal Special prize
The Everlasting Story Special Diploma

Kinoles Russia
Street Light Special diploma
Avako First place

REALIST Web Series Weekend Russia
Hydra Best Script

New Mom Best Film, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Set Design

Хрустальный источник Russia

June 2022 40 nominations, 9 prizes

BUEIFF Web Series Argentina
FRIENDMATES Best edition

Sincerely Yours Best film in Russian
Awaiting Best music video

die Seriale Germany
Night Witches Best Cinematography

May 2022 61 nominations, 11 prizes

Beirut International Children and Family Film Festival

The Shepherd Audience Award

Golden Baklava Film Academy International Student Film Festival Turkey

Golden five Russia
My VR Лучшая мужская роль

April 2022 34 nominations, 9 prizes

BUEIFF Web Series Argentina
Dates&Mates Best actress
Night Witches Best cinematography

Maze D'Or Four Stars Award

Chelkinofest Russia
Avako Best Debut
Chicken Best Short

Harassment Специальный приз

HARD:LINE Film Festival Germany

Kurja Polt Genre Film Festival Slovenia

Moscow Shorts Russia
Dirty Art Hairdressing Best Experimental

March 2022 23 nominations, 9 prizes

Artdocfest Latvia
Babiy kray Best Director

Stalin Unlimited Judge's Special Mention

Dream Best short film

Fortune Best script, Best actress, best art director

Альфейская гора Russia
Fighting for My Sunshine Best male role and direction

Альфейская гора Russia
Higher Levels Best diretion

February 2022 6 nominations, 3 prizes

Apex Short Film & Music Video Festival United States
Monsters Best Effects

Night Witches Best Non-English Series, Best Ensemble

Maze D'Or Best First Time Filmmaker

January 2022 24 nominations, 13 prizes

BeachfrontFilmFest United States
Fortune Best Cinematography

International Film Weekend in Würzburg Germany

Sugar show Best Animation Film
8 Minutes to the Ground Best Documentary Short
I always lost my Gloves Best woman director
Fortune Best Fiction Film / Audience Award
The Dark Deal Best Cinematography
My VR Best director

Short Film Factory Romania
Gigantic Fluctuation Special mention

Zugzwang Best Cinematography
White Heterosexual Man Grand Prize, The Audience Award
Milk Best Art Director
Sister Best direction

Fortune Best International Film

December 2021 83 nominations, 29 prizes

Only, I Am Normal Best Youth film, Best Film Director for Children and Youth
Second Sun Best feature film
My brother Artyom Special Diploma

Artkinofest Russia
White Heterosexual Man People's choice Diploma
You Are Here Grand Prix
Higher Levels Best director
Thanks Best experimental film
An Essay On... Best short film under 30 minutes

Blow-Up United States
Stalin Unlimited Semi-Finalist

Calcutta International Cult Film Festival India
One Soul for Two Best Short

Catharsis Russia
Getting to know silence Semi-Finalist

Chicago Indie Film Awards United States
Super Meow Best TV Series

FEST21 Serbia
Loan Shark Politika Award for Best Serbian Film

Kinoproba Russia
The Getaway Audience Choice Award
Alfaromeo Special Jury Diploma
You Are Here Special Jury Diploma

Los Angeles Animation Festival United States

Short Stop International Film Festival Romania

Victory Special Prize

Webfest Berlin Germany
Night Witches Best Drama

Willlachen Comedy & Satire Filmprize - the golden cellar rattle Austria

Золотая Башня Russia
Victory Special Prize

Who are You? Best film about history and traditions of homeland
8 Minutes to the Ground Best Documentary, Best Director

November 2021 126 nominations, 20 prizes

Ajayu International Animation Festival Peru

Sweetie, You Won't Believe It Special Jury Award, Best Use of a location
The Shepherd Audience Award: Best horror short

Black Cat Film festival Slovenia

Galaxy 35 mm Russia
Sister Best Director, Audience Award, Best Ensemble Cast

Out of Coverage Best Director for Youth Theme Film

JUNIORFEST Czech Republic

KIN Armenia
Bullmastiff Festival diploma

Listapad Belarus
White Heterosexual Man Diploma For Accurate Movieirony

NYC Web Fest United States

NZ Web Fest United States

ROFL Film Festival Spain

Telemania Russia
Avako Second place, special prizes

Золотая башня Russia

October 2021 124 nominations, 26 prizes

31st Cinekid Film, Television and Digital Media Festival Netherlands

Banjaluka Bosnia and Herzegovina

Night Witches Best Cinematography

Cannes Series France

Cinekid Film, Television and Digital Media Festival Netherlands

New Harvest Russia

Just Business Best Director
Sicera Best Drama
When Will it Happen Best No Budget Film
Fortune Best short
My brother Artyom Best actor
Faceless field Best cinematography
One-way Mirror Best woman director
Birthday Best Melodrama, Special Award
16/8 Best Debut Filmmaker, Special Award

Six Seas. Don’t Lean Best Travel Mobile New Media Award

Sweetie, You Won't Believe It Best Ensemble Cast, Most Original Film, Best film to watch with a crowd

Fortune Best International Film

Кабардино-балкария - 100 Russia

Ойка Russia
When I Was Young I Used to Look on Fire Приз зрительских симпатий

September 2021 125 nominations, 23 prizes

15th Sydney Underground Film Festival Australia

LIFT Best Short Film of the month

Bullmastiff Honorable Mention

Crew 3,14 CREA Award for best direction

Jahorina Film Festival Bosnia and Herzegovina
Lukomorye (Alexander Pushkin’s poem) The best tourist film in the international selection
Karabakh. The Lost World The best TV documentary in international competition

Freza special mention for Production Design

Kinotavr Russia
The Hero Jury's Diploma "For accuracy and purity"

L'Étrange Festival France

NY Inspirational Film Festival United States

Cosmo LIFE Best Sound Design

Crossing Continents Best Animated Music Video

Trash Film Festival Croatia

ZLIN Czech Republic

МКФ « Славянска приказка» Bulgaria
Ice Tale Best young actress

August 2021 51 nominations, 7 prizes

You Are Here Best short film

International Film Festival Cologne Germany
Part Twelve Best Music Video

Avako Best Short

July 2021 32 nominations, 4 prizes

Animator Poland
The Other Way Wolf Best animated series

Fest Anča Slovakia

The Shepherd MELIES D'ARGENT Award for Best European Fantastic Short Film

June 2021 28 nominations, 6 prizes

Doker Russia
The Getaway Best Short

Golden Knight Russia
Artifact Prize "Golden Vityaz", Special Jury Prize

Petition 1001 3d degree winner; Youth Jury Award for the best film

Cosmo LIFE Best Documentary - Concert

Mommy’s Calf Best film and Best Russian Film

May 2021 22 nominations, 5 prizes

Hey, Gray Special prize
The Liar 1st Place
Petition 1001 2nd Place in professional category

ZEMFIRA — AUSTIN Best Music Video, Best Concept

Wegiel Film Festival Poland

Виват Кино Россия Russia

April 2021 57 nominations, 10 prizes

Bare Bones Music and Documentary Festival United States

Stalin Unlimited Special Jury Prize for The best short film

Chelkinofest Russia
Sister Sensuality Diploma

IndieJúnior Allianz – International Children’s and Youth Film Festival Portugal

Stalin Unlimited Best Mockumentary, Best Director

The Shepherd Jury Award for the Best Short

Rock this Town France

Saint Anna Russia
Sister Grand Prix, Best Ensemble, Best Feature Film
You Are Here Second Prize

Shortie Film Festival United States
The Last Feast of Feodora Best student film

You Are Here Best Short film and a special diploma for Maria Lapshina
Muse Special diploma from OTR

March 2021 23 nominations, 8 prizes

Cardboard Pier Award of Merit

Eight Women Russia
Once in Trubchevsk Grand Prize

Los Angeles Cinematography Awards United States

Los Angeles Film Awards United States
16/8 Honorable mention

Munich Music Video Awards Germany
Part Twelve Best costume

Sugar show 3rd place of professional rating prize
10000 Ugly Inkblots Приз Гильдии киноведов и кинокритиков Союза кинематографистов РФ; диплом в категории «лучший профессиональный короткометражный фильм» с формулировкой «за уникальное владение искусством анимации»; приз профессионального сообщества.

Vegas Movie Awards United States
16/8 Best Narrative Short

February 2021 21 nominations, 4 prizes

Canterbury Anifest United Kingdom
10000 Ugly Inkblots Best Sound

International Music Video Awards United Kingdom

16/8 Best student film

January 2021 8 nominations, 2 prizes

Moscow Indie Film Festival Russia

December 2020 51 nominations, 13 prizes

Freza Best Erotic Film

Flahertiana Russia
A Mom for Julia Special Jury Mention for Loyalty to Robert Flaherty’s Principles of Working on Film

Okno Filmfest Russia
Trigger Diploma "For the art of experiment"

Russian Film Week United Kingdom

Russian Film Week United Kingdom

Short Film Day Russia
How Dad Nicked the Snow for Mom Best Film Premiere

Stars of Wild Beauty Montenegro
Lukomorye (Alexander Pushkin’s poem) Best commercial campaign

The Flood Best Film, Best Actress, Best Director

Vivat! Russia
Once in Trubchevsk Best Director

Shashel Festival Laureate

Всероссийский фестиваль образовательного кино «Взрослеем вместе» Russia

November 2020 128 nominations, 23 prizes

Apocalypse and World Salvation Germany

My name is Petya Best film about childrens

The Time Guardians Best Cinematography
Sweetie, You Won't Believe It The Audience Award

Mommy’s Calf Best Short Fiction Film for children from 5 to 7 years old

Flicks Film Festival United Kingdom
16/8 Best Student Film

Galaxy 35 mm Russia
My name is Petya Award Jury
My name is Petya Best music

LIAF United Kingdom

Shoots of Communism on the Tersky Coast of the White Sea Special prize for the recording of the unique way of living of Russian countryside inhabitants

Spice Boyz Best Feature Film

Russia Russia
A Mom for Julia Prize of the Administration of Nizhny Tagil

Crew 3,14 Best comedy short film

Герой Russia
Artifact Best screenplay, Best cinematographer, Best Supporting Actor

Abigail Grand Prix, Diploma for the best child Performance and Festival Diploma
The Time Guardians 2 place in the nomination "Cinematography", Festival diploma

October 2020 79 nominations, 16 prizes

ANIMAFILM Azerbaijan
The Other Way Wolf Best animated TV series

Mommy’s Calf Special Mention

Kinoshok Russia
Sweetie, You Won't Believe It Best Feature film, Best Script, Diploma from the press
You Are Here Special Jury Prize
Spice Boyz Best female role

Once Upon a Time Special Jury Mention

Part Twelve Best Director of photography

16/8 Best Cinematography Award

The Liar 3rd place in foreign movies category

Schlingel Germany
My Little Sister Award of the ECFA Jury

Tuzla Film Festival Bosnia and Herzegovina

Vertical Russia
Terra Nomination winner
The Rope Nomination winner

September 2020 89 nominations, 24 prizes

Part Twelve Best Videoclip Film
Thanks Best Experimental Film

Artkinofest Russia
You Are Here Best film in the section of films up to 30 minutes
The Robbers Losers Jury diploma
Mommy’s Calf Jury diploma
Shashel Best script


The Liar Jury Award for Outstanding Performance for Marta Timofeeva

Part Twelve Best Music Video

Luleå International Film Festival Sweden

Mlada Kamera Czech Republic

Hey, Gray Best short fiction film

Onyko Films Awards Ukraine
Petition 1001 Best Director

Ortometraggi Film Festival Italy
Mommy’s Calf Special Jury Mention

Patriki Film Festival Russia


Petition 1001 Best film editing
I'm Father Christmas Finalist in the category of student films
Black Coat Best director
Mr. Advocate Platinum award
Crew 3,14 Silver Award in the category of short films

Zero Plus Russia
The Other Way Wolf Diploma "For equal opportunities"

August 2020 85 nominations, 25 prizes

Budem Fest Russia
A Mom for Julia Best documentary
A Private Thing Jury Award

Filmfestival Kitzbuehel Austria

Firm Film Festival Spain
VR CR3W Best Student Film

Petition 1001 The brightest acting duet
Test Drive Best actor
At a Height The best acting duet
The Robbers Losers Grand Prix
Mommy’s Calf Best Family Film

Mommy’s Calf First prize in the category «Adults for children»; Diploma for the best acting
Lucky Photo Festival Diploma
Near and Dear 3rd place and a diploma for the best cast
Brothers Diploma for the best acting
The Daydreamer Diploma for the best cast
The Heirs Diploma for the best acting

Molodist IFF Ukraine
Bullmastiff Best short film, Special Jury Diploma, Special Jury mention

Petition 1001 Diploma

Abigail Gran Prix
Mommy’s Calf Audience choice award
Hey, Gray Diploma

July 2020 27 nominations, 2 prizes

June 2020 14 nominations, 3 prizes

Indiebo Film Festival Colombia

SPLICE Film Fest United States
VR CR3W 3d Place

WOW international Festival Tunisia

May 2020 12 nominations, 1 prizes

Raw Science Film festival United States

Vox Feminae Croatia

Хрустальные ключи Russia

April 2020 13 nominations, 4 prizes

Adagio for Strings and Storm Best European Independent Music Video

San Bernardino International Student Film Festival United States

Дубль дв@ Russia
Once in Trubchevsk Grand Prix
Fuel Jury diploma
My Little Sister Audience award, Jury diploma to Arslan Krymchurin

March 2020 17 nominations, 8 prizes

The Station Award of Merit

My name is Petya Best Short Fiction

Shot Special Jury Prize
Fuel Special Jury Prize
Living it up First Place

Mommy’s Calf Second place

MidWest WeirdFest United States
The Soul Conductor Best Foreign Language Film

Cathy Quest Diploma for the best series

February 2020 17 nominations, 6 prizes

Ambitus Russia
My name is Petya Best Short Film

My name is Petya Best short

FantasPorto Portugal
The Soul Conductor Best Visual Effects Award

Gathering Russia
My name is Petya Best Debuto
My Little Sister Grand Prize, Best Actor, Prize of family jury

January 2020 14 nominations, 8 prizes

My name is Petya Best Short Film in Woman Filmmakers Section

Moscow Indie Film Festival Russia
The Robbers Losers Best Fiction, Best actress
Living it up Best cinematography
Mommy’s Calf Best director
A Chance to Dance Best actor
Crew 3,14 Best script
Upcycle Best Documentary

Panic Fest United States

December 2019 104 nominations, 15 prizes

22nd Rendezvous Istanbul International Film Festival Turkey

Artkinofest Russia
Women’s Dorm Диплом зрителей Москвы 3-й степени

Bastau Kazakhstan

Bucharest Short Film Festival Romania

Ca Foscari International Film Festival Italy

DR Russia

Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival Bosnia and Herzegovina
Upcycle Best Documentary

Blood Best screenplay

Stalker Russia
My name is Petya Best Short Film

The Lift Off Sessions

USHQYN Kazakhstan

Electric Current Best Short film

Vision Russia

Yale Student Film Festival United States

Всероссийская акция "День короткометражного кино" Russia

Дни российского кино в Индии India

Дни российского кино в Нью-Йорке United States

Дни российского кино в Токио Japan

Дни русской культуры в Эссене Germany

Международный кинофестиваль российских короткометражных фильмов Austria

Неделя российского детского кино в Сербии «Сказки детства» Serbia

Неделя российского кино в Австралии Australia

Неделя российского кино в Армении Armenia

Неделя российского кино в Великобритании United Kingdom

Неделя российского кино в Кувейте Kuwait

Неделя российского кино в Мехико Mexico

Неделя российского кино в Сербии Serbia

Неделя российского кино в Токио Japan

Фестиваль нового русского кино Czech Republic

Фестиваль русского кино в Лиможе France

November 2019 119 nominations, 25 prizes

Blow-Up United States

CortoDino Italy
My name is Petya Best Screenplay

Dating Russia Russia
Once in Trubchevsk Best fiction film

My name is Petya Statuette for Best Editing

Living it up SilverDinosaur, Audience award

Fenêtres Sur Courts France

Filmstock Film Festival United States
Upcycle Special Mention

Galaxy 35 mm Russia
The Daydreamer Jury Special Prize, Best music
Mommy’s Calf Audience choice award, Best actor

Mommy’s Calf Special prize
My name is Petya Special Jury Prize "For the Mother's Heart"

KinoSTART Russia
Test Drive Best actor
My name is Petya Best Short Film
Living it up Best directing

Lamezia International Film Fest Italy

Muvi Portugal

Tempus Belarus
My name is Petya Best Short Film
My name is Petya Audience Award Best Short Film

My name is Petya Special Diploma for Best Screenplay

Vision Russia
Living it up Organizer's prize

My Little Sister Audience Award

Mommy’s Calf Best film for children

Дни российского кино в Монголии Mongolia

Журавли Russia

Золотая башня Russia

Кинофестиваль "Журавли" памяти А.Баталова Russia
My Little Sister Best film for children

Кинофестиваль имени Алексея Баталова Журавли Russia
My name is Petya Best Short Film

Международный фестиваль фильмов для детей и юношества в Армении Armenia

Неделя Российского кино в Таджикистане Tajikistan

Неделя российского кино в Берлине Germany

Неделя российского кино в Париже France

October 2019 86 nominations, 16 prizes

ANIMAFILM Azerbaijan

Artfools EcoFashion Film Festival Greece

BRNO16 Czech Republic

My name is Petya Best Short Film

Cover Ukraine
My name is Petya 3rd Short Film Award
History of Moldova. Stephen The Great Best historical TV film

My name is Petya Third place in the nomination Best Short Debut

Kunaki Russia

LAMPA Russia
My name is Petya Figurine in the nomination Best Short Film

Think Positive! 3rd place in foreign film category

Schlingel Germany

St. Vladimir Russia
My name is Petya Best short film 3 place

The Way Best feature documentary

Неделя Российского кино в Бельгии Belgium

Неделя Российского кино в Эстонии Estonia

Неделя российского кино в Вене Austria

Неделя российского кино в Стамбуле Turkey

September 2019 80 nominations, 15 prizes

My name is Petya Prize Best Director

The Paints Special Diploma
My name is Petya Audience Award Sapphire Phoenix
My Little Sister Special Prize

Moscow Shorts Russia
Upcycle Best experimental short film

PILOT Russia

Take It Easy Film Festival United States
VR CR3W Short Foreign Comedy

My name is Petya Special Jury Mention for Visual Delicacy and Narrative Content

Zero Plus Russia
My Little Sister Best feature fiction
My name is Petya Diploma of the Jury for the Kindness, Humanity and Mercy
My name is Petya Diploma of the Children's Jury for the Disclosure of the theme of Special children

«Вознесенский FEST. Мне 20 лет» Russia

Неделя российского кино в Исландии Iceland

Неделя российского кино в Киргизии Kyrgyzstan

РусалФестивальКино Russia

August 2019 80 nominations, 21 prizes

Artkinofest Russia
Think Positive! Best short fiction up to 20 minutes

Fresco Armenia
My name is Petya Best message of "Family values" and "Repentance"
The Crying of Tanbur Best message of "Peace"

KONIK Russia
Fuel Best Film, Best cinematography, Best Art Direction
Shot Best editing
Living it up Special Jury Prize

New Harvest Russia
Ispoved Bar Выбор организаторов
The Paints Audience Award
JUMP Best cinematography

Okno Filmfest Russia
Quicksilver Chronicles Главный приз в секции "Копродукция", Диплом Гильдии киноведов и кинокритиков России

My name is Petya Best actor Peter Del

Upcycle Best Fashion Short

Наше кино Russia

July 2019 54 nominations, 12 prizes

Artkinofest Russia
Fuel Best Camera Work

BUZZ IFF Romania
Calendar Best Student Film
Ambivalence Best Feature Film

Wishbutton Best student film, Best screenplay, Best actor

Kinolikbez Russia
Summer with and without Grandpa «Сила слова» - за гуманистическое кино
Fuel «Новая волна» - за новаторское кино
Living it up Best Russian Short Film, Audience Award

Orlenok Russia
My Little Sister Special prize

Terra Best Quetzalcoatl International Short Film

Wishbutton Best international fiction short film “RuralFicción”


«Северная Ягода» Russia

Нашествие Russia

Нашествие Russia

Таврида Арт Russia

June 2019 41 nominations, 8 prizes

Art Film Fest Slovakia
MERRY-GO-ROUND Audience Award

Dumbo Film Festival United States

International Buddhist Film Festival United States

My name is Petya Best short film
My Little Sister Best young actress and the kindest film

My name is Petya Second place in the category Best short film
My name is Petya Best editing

May 2019 42 nominations, 9 prizes

Cronograf Moldova


Fest Cine Pedra Azul Brazil

Golden Knight Russia
Barabbas Bronze Knight
My name is Petya Golden diplom

Golden Raven Russia
Terra Best Short Documentary Film

Golden five Russia
My name is Petya Prize for the full interpretation of author's position

Kinokavkaz Russia
Terra Best Documentary Film

628 Best Student Film

London International Motion Pictures Awards United Kingdom

Seoul Guro Kids Film Festival South Korea

The Seoul Guro International Film Festival South Korea

ZLIN Czech Republic

Кинобарс Russia
The Paints Special Prize of The Directing Guildia

Международный кинофестиваль GUKIFF South Korea

April 2019 60 nominations, 11 prizes

VR CR3W Best Varsity Short

Darbhanga International Film Festival India

Golden five Russia

Strangers of Patience Best Actress
Sea-buckthorn Summer Лучший игровой фильм, Лучшая мужская роль, Приз имени Андрея Петрова за лучшую музыку

New Wave Bulgaria

628 Best Short Film

Old Goat Audience Award
My name is Petya Best short film

Короткие встречи Austria

Международный кинофестиваль российских короткометражных фильмов Austria

March 2019 62 nominations, 10 prizes

Eight Women Russia
Let Me Live My Life Best Documentary
My name is Petya Diploma of the Jury

European Cinematography Awards France

Superprize First place
Success Gold Lada

MovieStan Saudi Arabia

Pro! Russia

Saint Anna Russia
Point of bifurcation Best Actors Ansamble
House on Clauzewerz’s Head За сочетание выразительности изображения и художественного замысла
Trip to Paris Grand Prix

VIII Международный кинофестиваль "Просто хорошее кино" Russia
Strangers of Patience Best directing

Watersprite United Kingdom

Women's Film Festival United States

Дни Российского кино в Экс-ле-Бене France

Когда русские зажигают France

February 2019 18 nominations, 3 prizes

17 moments Russia
Barabbas Best Male Actor, Best Cinematography

628 The Second Prize, Special Jury Prize for The Best Actress

Prague Film festival La Película Czech Republic

Zilant Russia
The Paints Best Director

January 2019 18 nominations, 2 prizes

Dublin Smartphone Film festival Ireland

Guwahati International Children Film Festival India

Internationales Festival Zeichen der Nacht Germany

Sofia Menar International Film Festival Bulgaria

Премия «Золотой орел» Russia
Materia Best Short

December 2018 68 nominations, 12 prizes

Национальная молодёжная кинопремия Russia

The Real Screenplay Лучший игровой фильм


Dating Russia Russia
Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins Winner of a To Russia for Adventures nomination
Into_nation of Big Odessa Special prize of the Vologda oblast Government

InShort Nigeria

No Love No Death Jury special prize

Kino Click Russia
Superprize Third place

Kortfilmsdagen Sweden

Meglio Matti Italy

Scream Special mention of the jury
Into_nation of Big Odessa SIFFA President's Award For the artistic embodiment of the unity of global and local
Strangers of Patience Best Director; Best Actress
Calendar Press prize

Short Films & Video Clips Contest «ArtShort - 2018» Russia

Velcom Smartfilm Belarus
Yahor Приз народного жюри и специальный приз от компании Velcom как лучший белорусский фильм

Вечера российского кино в Бордо France

Воткинский международный фестиваль Russia

ИНПУТ-2018 Russia

Национальная молодёжная кинопремия Russia

November 2018 135 nominations, 24 prizes

Bastau Kazakhstan
Scream For best cinematography

Camerimage Poland

Elche International Fantastic Film Festival - FANTAELX Spain

FICA Athletics Festival Spain

Funduk Russia
Superprize First place