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7 years in industry, 380 films in portfolio, 12 specialists in our team and top-10 film festival catalogue.
We made a serious contribution to the development of the film festival movement in Russia for 7 years: write about festival, give lectures about festival promotion, create largest catalog of film festivals (1-st in russian and top-10 in english) and promote more than 380 films.
Festagent's Team
Our team is our pride. We always have something to learn from each other and have someone to joke with.
Ivan Zolotukhin
Agency owner
+7 (926) 895-67-10 info@festagent.com

In 2007 Ivan graduated from Ural State Architecture&Arts Academy majoring as a graphic designer, in 2012 — from the Director's faculty in Russian State Institute of Cinematography. In 2015 he completed a course in "Kultbyuro" distributive lab. The creator of animated clips for Naum Blik and the "Krovostok" band, he worked as an animation artist for the Sverdlovsk film studio, director and art director on the TV channel 2x2. In 2010 he founded "Festagent" — the agency for promotion of movies for film festivals and the largest film festival catalog.
Yulia Travnikova
Head of department of promoting films to festivals
+7 (926) 554-81-08

Yulia graduated from the Producing and Economics faculty of Russian State Institute of Cinematography in 2012. She produced several short films, including the film "Second Wind" which took part in nearly 300 film festivals worldwide and received 58 awards. She graduated from "Kultbyuro" producing lab in 2015 and is currently a member of the Baikal pitching selection committee.

Yulia speaks Russian and English languages.

Tamara Gazaryan
Documents coordinator
+7 (916) 475 92 58

In 2011 Tamara graduated from the Producing and Economics faculty of All-Russian State University of Cinematography. While studying at the university, she worked as production manager on student's projects. Worked as member of producer's crew on TV films productions. Was a digital distribution manager in "Luxor Distribution".
Kristina Kashuba
Documents coordinator
+7 (977) 726-93-60

Kristina graduated from the Economics faculty of Russian State Institute of Cinematography in 2008. During the studies, she worked as a films manager in "Narodnoe kino" film company. Since 2009, Kristina worked in the local television, from 2011 to 2014 — as the editor-in-chief of "Dosug v Moskve vsey semyey". Since 2012, she worked in the commercial department of the "Sreda" production company.
Sergey Kuznetsov
Translation and subs coordinator
+7 (906) 791-55-59 tech@festagent.com

Sergey graduated from the International Economy and Politics department of HSE. In Festagent he manages an international team of translators and linguists and is responsible for keeping technical support in line with the best international standards.
Ekaterina Rusakovich
Senior agent, documentaries
Ekaterina has graduated from N.G. Chernyshevsky Smolensk Humanitarian University. She worked as the assistant director and the director at the Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio. Since 2009 she worked as the coordinator of the International Film Festival of the documentary melodrama "Saratov Sufferings". She gave lectures about documentary cinema in the center of visual arts "Mediateka-M48".

Ekaterina speaks English and Russian languages.

Valeria Ogourtsova
Graduated from Saratov State University n.a. N.G.Chernishevskiy. Since 2013 — coordinator of the Saratov Sufferings Film Festival. In September, 2017 — the defense of Ph.D. thesis in Russian literature.

Languages: English, French, Russian
Valeria Motorueva
Graduated from Moscow State University of culture, bachelor's degree in cultural studies. Then studied at Saint Petersburg State University, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, graduation from master's programme «Art Criticism» in 2017. Also studied in ICA (Moscow).
Anna Kalinina
Film festival catalogue editor and submissions

In 2018 Anna graduated from The Department of International Relations of Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin. During her studies she was working as an English tutor.
Andrey Salnikov
DCP engineer
Andrey graduated from the Kuban State University of Technology. He has been occupied in the field of cinema since 2010, currently working as a technical specialist of a movie theater. Andrey has more than four years of experience in manufacturing of 3D-video clips and adapting video materials for display at digital movie theaters.
Azat Galikhanov
Back-end and Front-end developer
Azat studied in Moscow Institute of Chemical Mechanical Engineering and in Russian State Institute of Cinematography. He worked at the TV channel "Moscow 24". Nowadays he lives in Warsaw and develops websites.

Website: galikhanov.com

When we short our first movies and decided to send them to film festivals, we found out that there are more then 6 000 film festivals in the world. How to search for them? Which of them are worth to be chosen? Will my film be eligible for some certain festival? How to submit a film? Soon it was found out that these questions were asked by all our colleagues.

The difficult thing here was that some of them did not know English enough to find a festival by oneself and to learn its requirements and conditions. As a result we decided to collect all foreign and Russian festivals on the same site, translate all descriptions and rules into Russian and attach convenient instruments of search to the catalogue we've got. This is how Festagent appeared. We worked out a system of festivals sorting and now we have got one of the most convenient site on festivals searching.

Nowadays Festagent is considered to be one of the top 10 biggest festivals catalogs in the world and certainly it is the first among Russian ones.

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