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Translation and Subtitles

Native speakers translation with attention to all details. International standard subtitles.

Sergey Kuznetsov​

Translations and subtitling coordinator

+7 (965) 348-86-00


You can easily work with us.

  1. Please attach a link to download the film (private link in lowered quality, not more than 2 Gb) and comments on what do you exactly need: translate, set subtitles, in what language and so on. Calculate accurately the service fee and time limits we can only after watching the film.
  2. Both for translation and subtitles settings we need transcript or dialogue lists/ editorial script with all screen titles included. If you have nothing from the list below we can help with transcripting the video.
  3. Film titles are translated into target language. Made-up translation we send for your agreement in *.doc.
  4. Approved version of our translation we turn into subtitles along with editing it according to world standards of improved readability. We usually unite these two processes into one to do it fast.
  5. At the output you get the subtitles file in *.srt (or any other you prefer). If needed we make hard subtitles to make it easier for festival technical coordinators.



​Native-speakers translation

Make accurate and fast translation of animation movies, docs and non-docs, commercial videos, lectures and other audio-visual pieces of work into target language with especial attention towards content’s peculiarities.



Prices for translations are per page (one page is 1 800 characters with spaces).

  • Into English — € 15
  • Into other languages — from € 13
  • From English — € 9​
  • From other languages — from € 12

The calculation is made according  to one sign with spaces and signs amount is counted as a whole text-related. Minimum price — 20 €.


Time limits

  • Short-length film translation: 2 — 4 working days;
  • Feature-length film translation: 5 — 7 working days.


Order translation


Professional subtitles

We set subtitles according to the international standard ESIST, it included the best practices in human’s improved readability when watching the film. We know what are perfect font sizes and colour, where the subs must be placed and for how long, in order not to distract audience’s attention from the screen.

At the output you get tagged subtitles file in *.srt (or any other if you mind).



  • Video «Standard» for one minute — € 2 / minute
  • Video  «Speak a lot» for one minute —  € 2.9 / minute
  • Add subtitles into the video — Free*

To make a final full-size version with hard subtitles we’ll need the original video file (master copy).

*for files over  31 minutes. For films up to  30 minutes inc — 20 €.


Time limits

  • Subtitles for short-length film: 1 — 2 working days;
  • Subtitles for feature-length film: 2 — 4 working days.


Order subtitles



How can I send you my film? What is «easywatch»?

«Easywatch» this is our word for naming compressed version of the film’s master copy. Usually its capacity can’t be more than 2Gb, it helps several people at one moment to work with the video — agents, managers, interpreters, technical specialist in subtitles setting and producing editorial scripts.

If the film is not uploaded to the Internet we advise using Vimeo sharing service for protected transfer of your video with password. Dropmefiles.com (up to  50 Gb for free) is also acceptable but mind please to fix expiring date at  14 days. You can read about all transferring opportunities in details in the following document.


How to pay for the service?

After first watching the film we send you full overall value calculations. All possible ways of paying and our banking information will be noted in our mail (you can also pay via e-money, by cash and card). For the services up to 200 € we ask for advance payment.


How many time does the work take in?

Let’s look through the maximum workflow: you need subtitles to your film in other language but you have only film itself  (if some stages are passed already this shorten the service life and total price). So what are the stages of our work:

  1. We decode the video and make dialogue list (script) for further translation (1-2 working days);
  2. Make literary translation and send it for your approval (3-7 working days depending on the text size in the film).
  3. After approval  we set subtitles (2-3 working days after approving of the translation), and so get the soft subtitles file  in *.srt.
  4. If needed we make  hard subtitles (it’s a festival rule as usual).
  5. At the output we have a new file in the same quality but with hard subtitles.

Specific deadline we calculate for each film in the beginning of our work. For this exactly we need to have an «easywatch» file after getting your order.


Who translate films and how?

In Festagent all the films are translated only by native-speakers with huge experience of working with both fiction films and docs. To represent all the plot details (national context, slang,  unique concept for the culture and so on.) foreign interpreters are consulted with Russian-speaking colleagues. Not all specialists with whom we  cooperate speak Russian language that’s why in certain directions of translation English is transition language.  It should be noted that film translation claims expert adaptation of the text to use it into subtitles, so interpreter and technical specialist work together.


How to count signs in the text?

In MS Word word editor  you find the button «Reviewing» (in Word 2003 — «Service»), choose  «Statistics» item and get signs amount  (with spaces). Or you can just press special button «Words amount» at the lower panel of а MS Word window.


Why does translation into English cost more than common one?

There are two reasons for it.

  • Firstly, the interpreter needs to study film in details, he needs the context to choose correct wordings. Time expenditures for both watching and studying the film are included into the cost of translation.
  • Secondly, only native-speakers make translations into foreign languages in Festagent. We understand that this makes translation more expensive than if it is made by russian interpreter but we do it knowingly. By experience we are assured that only native-speaker can fully report all the details included.So the audience will percieve them right. Primarily  we mean culture code’s elements, which foreign viewer can’t possibly know so they need to be rightly presented in subtitles.


How can I look through *.srt file?

We make a final subtitles file in *.srt (SubRip).

In order to watch the film on your PC with subtitles you need to put *.srt file and the film in one folder and make sure that they are titled identically (for example video.mp4 и video.srt). Then you can play the file via any player (for example, Media Player Classic or any other, that supply soft subtitles screening). The subtitles should be shown automatically in that case.

You can edit the file yourself (for example, change the word or add a sign) if open it in Windows  pad or Mac OS (Right key click > Open with > Pad) and edit as a simple text file not changing time marks.

You can also upload the  *.srt file on file sharing service (YouTube, Vimeo etc.) and connect it to the right film in relevant part. At that subtitles playing can be switched off. You can also connect several different  *.srt files for example in different languages to the same film.