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Film Festival Distribution and Consultancy

Сooperate with TV channels, film studios, film schools and independent authors.
Promote films to festivals without you forfeiting the rights. Distribute fiction, documentaries, animation, VR, music videos and experimentals. Both shorts and full-length.
Yulia Travnikova
Head of film festival distribution department


We provide customized festival strategy and list of festivals for couple months ahead and submit films to them. If you'll need help with coordinating submission and participation — not a problem. Pay only for those steps you want to.
Submit short to a festival
8 € / submission
Platforms fee are included. Short film — under 30 min.
Submit feature to a festival
12 € / submission
Platforms fee included. Feature — over 31 min.
Coordinate submission
25 € / festival
In case your film becomes perticipant of festival contest, we take care of Emails, coordination, maintenance film copy to a festival
Festival Strategy

We watch at and analyze the film from the point of view of the festival's potential and offer a promotion strategy: which festivals you need to pay attention to, which ones will be a priority for the premiere.

We will write recommendations for the film by festival niches, categories, level of competitions, etc.

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150 €
Order strategy

Before the consultation, we are watching the film.

At the meeting we will discuss:

- the premiere status and festival strategy for the film;

- discuss premiere status and festival strategy;

- analyze your previous submissions and selections;

- discuss next steps and online release;

- answer your questions regarding your film or the festival run.

Consultations are held via Zoom.

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90 €
Order consulting
From 20 countries available at Films Catalogue
48 000+
We have submit films on festivals around the world
5 300+
Open statistic of Awards and Screenings
Great experience of customized festival strategies

What we do

Developing a festival strategy, select appropriate festivals, submit entry forms, track results, help to organize your visit to the festival.
  • Developing festival distribution strategy in collaboration with directors and producers and select festival list for months ahead.
  • Submitting festival entry forms due to list and deadlines of the festivals.
  • Delivering all necessary info for festivals for their printed catalogues and dcp copies for screenings. Coordination of the communication in case of selection or winning an award.
  • Management of the submission fees. All info about fees is transparent and available in google spreadsheet with dates and screenshots of payments.
  • Managing relationships with selection committees and festival's organizers.
  • Collaboration with festivals in order to organize the travels for the director and/or the producer or other team members in case of selection or award.
Included in the price are the following issues:

  • Film promotion strategy: film analysis and highlightening the festival promotion potential;
  • Selection and compilation of festivals list;
  • Conforming the list of festivals with the author of the film;
  • Filling in the festivals' applications in English;
  • Work with selection commitees directly, some of them we know personally (sometimes it exempts from official sending of the film in a manner approved by the festival);
  • Translation of the questionnaire into English (if you do not have a readymade translation);
  • Writing synopsis and logline for the film, cover letters to festivals;
  • Recording and printing on a DVD (as long as necessary), envelopes and other materials;
  • Payment for postal services (2–7$ for one shipment);
  • Payment for online platform fees in EUR or USD (an average of 2-6 USD per application);
  • Correspondence with the organizers of the festivals in English;
  • Informing you about film's selection;
  • Assisting in sending DCP-copies of the film online (unless courier services are required);
  • Consultations on the presentation of the film at the festival;
  • Assisting in obtaining visas and organizing trips to the festival;
  • Maintaining a progress report table;
  • Tracking the results of the work of selection commiitees and the festivals results.

Not included in the price are the following issues:

  • Fees for participation in paid festivals (entry fees);
  • Additional services: video conversion, translation and subtitles, dialogue/ editing sheets, creating DCP-copies;
  • Sending a copy for screening at the festival by courier services DHL and FEDEX (at first we always try to arrange a DCP transfer straight with the festival via online services).


Among our clients we have international studios like Disney and leading animation and film studios from Russia, film Schools from VGIK to FAMU, TV channels and independent filmmakers.

Request Film Promotion

Please make the card of your film (instruction) — it will greatly speed up the work and the process of collecting the materials.
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What should be ready before start (checklist)

By the time of signing the contract, you need to collect materials on the project — without them we will not be able to start working with the film. The list is below.

1. Preview copy with English subtitles

The copy of the film in full HD 1920x1080 resolution (up to 2 GB for movies up to 30 minutes, up to 4.5 GB for the feature films) with English subtitles in the format * .mp4 or * .mov.

2. Preview copy without subtitles

A similar file, without subtitles in the original language.

3. Subtitles file in *.srt format

Even if your subtitles are embedded in the video, you will still need a separate file. It is required for translations at the festival. The file must be prepared in advance.

4. Logline and synopsis

Synopsis is used in all festival profiles. Read the article on writing logline and synopsis.

5. Director's biography and filmography

Required in all, without exception, festival profiles.

6. Director's statement

We recommend writing the director's statement so that we can use it for personal submission straight to the festival selection commeet.

7. 5 shots and director's photo

Photos in print quality (300 dpi) — can be used in the festival catalogue. The face on the photo should be clearly visible. The file is needed in print quality (300dpi) — for festival catalogue.

8. Film poster and trailer

These are additional files, but it is better to prepare them too. Poster is used in all online materials and can be printed and hung on the venues of the festival. The movie trailer can also be used as a promotion at the festival.

Read: How to make a movie poster.

9. DCP copy

You can prepare it right before the first festival screening. One version is enough, to which you can add an additional package (subtitles, audio tracks).

Questions and Answers

We have collected popular questions and answered them

General issues

Application Form and Files

How to get started

Promote films to festivals without you forfeiting the rights. Distribute fiction, documentaries, animation, VR, music videos and experimentals. Both shorts and full-length.
Create DCP-copy of your film or video in 12 hours.
Translating film to any languages with native-speaking translators. Making subtitles according international standards.
Professionally develop the design of the poster, logo, business cards, invitations and site for the film.