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How to Make a Film Profile

When you registered on as a "filmmaker"
you get the opportunity to create the film profile.
You can see how the film profile looks like in the section "Clients"
Film profiles are a great promo tool

And among other, it helps to work with selectors of film festivals many of which use our catalog. You can add detailed information about your film and some multimedia materials, and then easily share the link. Having everything in one place is very convenient.
Creating a card
First step
Start with registration. It's simple: in the upper right corner click "Sign up". Choose one of the ways (e-mail, Facebook or Vkontakte). If you register via e-mail, then after registration you will receive a link to your e-mail box that you should click on to confirm registration. This helps us fight with bots and fake accounts.

Log in to your account on the site and by clicking on your name, on the top right, you will see the section "My Projects".
Do not forget to click the "Save" button after filling in each section. There is a "View" button next to it, but you can use it only after saving the changes made to the project, otherwise, you will have to enter everything again.
There you will see a list of your projects (at first it will be empty) and the button "New Project". After clicking on it, the project creation page opens.
First, enter a permanent address for the web. It is best to write the name of the film in English. You can write only in Latin, use only lowercase letters, numbers, and instead of spaces put a hyphen. Examples: "milk" or "insignificant-details-of-the-accidental-episode". So you will create a permanent address for the film profile, which you can later share. It is important to note that later you can change the address, but if you already gave a link to the old address, it would become invalid.
Again, the "Project" tab
Before setting a Maturity Rating, study the international motion picture content rating system.
Add all the festivals to which the film was selected. It is important to specify the month and year of participation correctly. Firstly, it is honest, and secondly, soon we plan to create the opportunity to watch films of participants and winners directly in the festival cards.
Before writing the name of the festival, look for it in our catalog. This will simplify the verification of statistics. To do this, it is better to manually start writing the name — the system itself will offer variants from our catalog.
Public Account
Select the privacy settings for your film profile (the default is "Limited"). From the bottom, you will again see the permanent address of the project. Enter the name of the movie in English, without using capital letters, and instead of spaces put a hyphen. Example: "condensed-milk".

Secret link is generated automatically by the system. This link opens full access to the film profile, regardless of the general privacy settings. Share this link only when you sure that the recipient will not show the film to unauthorized persons.
To edit or add additional information to the film profile, go to "My Projects" and on the profile, you need click the button in the upper right corner. To remove the profile from the site, click the red X.