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DCP Conversion

Create DCP-copy of your film or video in 12 hours.

Andrey Salnikov
DCP engineer



We convert DCP-copies of your films on the base of official technical specification of the cinema and officially licensed DCP (two copies): 1.85 (FLAT/masked shot) 1998×1080 и 2.39 (SCOPE/wide screened) 2048×858.

We make ready DCP-sets in 2K/4K/3D, remake DCP sets: add audio tracks, subtitles, headpieces or change billing block — in details about additional Supplemental set.



  1. You order film converting on our site (press the button below) and point your project title, timeline, link to download, additional requirements (cinema theatre specifications, subtitles).
  2. We make fee calculation with regard to timeline, subtitles stripes and make an invoice.
  3. You make a payment and we convert your film, test it on the big screen and send you a link to a  made up DCP set.


Please read FAQ — we gathered the frequently asked questions and offered our explanation.



Calculator DCP

Film runtime:
Contract duration:

Overall cost: руб.
Discount: 20% ( руб.)

Order DCP

Time limits

  • Films up to 30 minutes — 12 hours.

  • Films over 31 minutes — 24 hours.


Technical requirements

Arrange you film

  • Extension — *.mov;
  • Coder — ProRes;
  • Bitrate — minimum 50 Mb (for 4К — 150 Mb.).


  • Extension — *.mp4;
  • Coder — h.264;
  • Bitrate — minimum 50 Mb (for 4К 200 Mb).

Count the sound with the PCM (wav), AC3.

Mind please: if you video does not suit our technical requirements we adapt it for big screens.

How to transfer files

You can use dropmefiles.com sharing service — for free and without registration upload files up to  50 Gb. Please mind that all files are saved only for  14 days (7 days as a default), that’s why please do not delay and send us a link straight to dcp@festagent.com. Write the title of your project and you contact number (for urgent questions).


How to download made-up DCP

We download made-up DCP-set to our private ftp-server, that works without breaks and restrictions to file size, it also power broken download resume.

DCP-set consists of 5 items minimum:

  • Control amounts description file;
  • DCP contents description file;
  • MXF-container with picture (the biggest one);
  • MXF-container with sound (the second largest);
  • Playback list with all film components.

You need to unzip a made-up archive with DCP-set  and copy into the rooted catalogue your flash card or hard disk, but before format into NTFS.  

Attention: we delete DCP set from our server after you receive the result of ur work. Please keep the copy yourself.



DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is a digital technology invented by the consortium of all world producing studios  DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) for distribution and screening in film theatres. The films are distributing on hard disks and mirror disks, flash cards, and by satellite links also. The screening is checked by special record players and digital projectors.


This is a standard balance of screen sides which are used in digital cinema:

  • 1.85 (FLAT/masked shot) 1998×1080;
  • 2.39 (SCOPE/wide screened) 2048×858.


For the Flat format  1998×1080 (24 frames a second) resolution is appropriate. For the  Scope format 2048×858 (24 frames a second) resolution is the best. If your film has a different resolution, we’ll try to adjust it for film theaters screenings.


2k and 4k — these are the labels of DCP’s resolutional ability, it shows round-off pixels amount across. It should be noted that currently 4k convertation into DCP is outdated for several reasons:

  • Original files with such a high resolution (4096x1716 or 3996x2160 pixels) are often unavailable;
  • Even if you have a film with such resolution, the difference won’t be noticeable for screens less than  20 м as pixels size will be lower than human’s eye resolution ability;

In Russia there are not enough projecting cameras that can hand out  4k resolution.


There are two options in tat case:

  • To stretch the picture mechanically and cut in boards ;
  • To leave original size.

In the latter case  FLAT will have small black margins on each sides on the right and left (on a big screen this won’t be visible). The margins for SCOPE format will be somewhat bigger.


All films set technical tests in film theaters, we use Dolby DSS200, Dolby DSP100 for DCP sets control. We can make screen prints to make not question of.


KDM (Key Delivery Message) is a «key», needed for playing  of the codified  DCP-file. For each film theater special key is generated with its own expiring date. As a rule this is not relevant for non-profit screening at the festival.


We can replace the audio tracks, add subtitles and different commercial blocks using additional DCP  set (Supplemental), it uses original DCP media data when playing.

On the server there must be both sets: original DCP and supplemental one. If you plan to release your film on several languages, supplemental will save your time and resources.

Подробно о дополнительном пакете Supplemental


DCP copies of the film are delivered to film theaters on hard disks and in special shockproof hard cases.

Nowadays digital film delivery via satellite and Internet  channels is extensively developing. Cinelab and  DCP24 work at it. You can send short length films to the festival  on USB-card or portable hard disk. Absolutely all cinema servers support standard file systems as  Windows: FAT32 and  NTFS. If your film capacity is more than 4Gb (as in most cases), USB drive must be formatted to NTFS,as the FAT32 file system do not supply files with more than 4Gb capacity. We recommend to use caddies with DCP files only (without any additional ones).


You can use Stereoscopic player that play out no-ciphered  DCP-sets (no key is needed). You can download program trial version on the official site www.3dtv.at. Private use license costs 39 euros, test-version can play only  5 minutes video part.


Short-length film  (15 минут) seize  30 Gb (easily included into  USB-drive). Feature length film (120 minutes) can be more than 100 Gb.