Subscription Pricing
20. 04. 2020

Subscription Pricing

Access to the filters of the Festival Catalogue and Favourite Festivals
1600 festivals with limited filters.

Questions and answers

Why should I pay for the catalogue of cinema festivals?
This money is needed to develop the product and pay the editor who checks the information on the festivals' websites, clarifies the details of the festivals' rules and helps them to moderate their cards in the catalogue.

When my subscription expires, where will I find my Featured festivals?
Your Featured festivals will stay in your list. You will see them again as soon as you pay for a subscription.
Is it possible to use the catalogue without a subscription?
Sure. There are 1 600 festivals in the Festagent catalogue, you can study them one by one. But if you want to surf "Free student festivals with money prize" it is necessary to purchase a subscription.

How to prolong or cancel subscription?
For your convenience subscription is automatically renewed. Automatic renewal can always be cancelled in a personal account settings.