How it Works: Filmmakers

How it Works: Filmmakers 

You are a filmmaker, who wants to understand how Festagent can help you. Sit down comfortably, we are going to tell you this.

After your registration as a «cinematographer» on you will be able to create film profiles (like this one for example).

By paying for a subscription you will get an access to additional opportunities of the festivals catalogue: ability to save festivals from catalogue to your «Favorites» and additional abilities for searching festivals in catalogue.


It's simple: press a «Sign up» button in the upper right corner. Choose one of the available options (email, Gmail, Facebook or Vkontakte). If you register through email, a message with a confirmation link will come to your address. Follow this link to confirm your registration. It is the way we are struggling against robots and fake email addresses.


Sign up

Paid subscription and new opportunities 

Subscription is to be paid via user's account in «Subscription» section. If you have promo code (for example, you are a student of partner film school), enter it before paying. We accept all popular payment services: PayPal, cards and other way via YandexKassa.


Accurate search of festivals

You will get an access to additional filters in the catalogue (gray panel to the right of catalogue) which will make your search more simple, accurate and fast.



You'll be able to add festivals to «Favorites». It is convenient when you find interesting festivals among a huge amount of ones and want to save them to come back later.

You can add festivals to Favorites by clicking a star button in catalogue or on the festival's page.

You can watch saved festivals by clicking a star button next to your name in the upper right corner.


Film profile

  1. Log in and click your name in the upper right corner. You will see «My projects» section in a drop-down menu.
  2. There you will see a list of your projects (it is empty for the beginning) and a «New project» button.
  3. An editor page is to be open. To begin with, input your permanent address.

    The best idea is to type your film's title in English. Use only lower case symbols and numbers. Type hyphens instead of spaces. Examples: «milk» or «insignificant-details-of-the-accidental-episode». Thus you make a permanent address of your film's page so you will be able to share it.

    You are able to change your permanent address. However all links you have already given to someone become invalid after you change your film's page address.