2020 | Fiction | 10 min. | Russia | 12+

Wintery black-and-white Zero City revoking the famous Soviet anti-utopia with Leonid Filatov, is hostile and indifferent. Here, behind every corner there is a spy, behind every door are the kindly ones who are ready to come after you at any moment, every act, even if it conforms to the law, is a privacy invasion. Like the Stranger from Albert Camus story, the main character of the film is running, but rather along the stone shores of the city, running not only from the omnipresent system, but to some extent from himself in it. His story is a fragment of our monotonous everyday routine, going through which we don’t even question what is this another check on the road and who arrogantly enters our and our friends’ homes, as if being accustomed to silently exist under the omnipresent glass cap.

Director: Alexander Khudokon

Producers: Pavel Karykhalin and Evgeniya Afanasieva

Сast: Evgeniy Konyshev

Studio: Stereotactic