2020 | Fiction | 18 min. | Russia | 12+

It’s little Agness’ birthday. Mom introduces her to Vadim, her new “daddy”. But this apartment’s residents – imperious grandma and a mermaid – do not welcome strangers. Both have their own take on “strong sex”. Is there a place for a man in this women’s domain?

Directors Statement

I wanted to create a fairy tale that would explore women’s characters and relationships between mothers and daughters. What is matriarchy and what is lack of freedom in any social group? Are there gender-specific differences when it comes to power? How damaging a tight relationship between mother and daughter is? I’ve answered these questions in the genre of magical realism, which allows the viewer to “play” with reality of the film, try all the behavior models on, and decide, who to sympathize with and who to consider the head. I can tell from the experience of my own family, and many others I know: we haven’t yet learned how to control all-engulfing love of a mother, so a reminder of that is valuable. I wrote the script inspired by a film by Rustam Khamdamov – “Bottomless bag”. Dreamed of making a women’s film, stylized as Russian folklore tale. Sadly, I had a shoestring budget (my own salary of a copywriter and my grandparents’ investment). Then my love for eclectic won over, and I “confined” the heroes in an apartment.

Director: Dana Baklanova

Producer: Dana Baklanova

Сast: Alisa Varova, Anna Rusanova, Sergey Malakhov, Veronika Martemyanova and Lyudmila Khlopotova