Not an Alien / Mitte võõras


2021 | Documentary | 24 min. | Estonia

Boris is living at the Estonian outskirts. He is a typical Russian speaking non citizen with a grey passport. People as him do not have a right to vote, good working place, they are aliens. 35 years ago Boris took part in liquidation of the Chernobyl station catastrophe. He was among thise who were saving the planet. He lost his health that time, but not his belief in life. He now builds ovens and fireplaces for his comrade villagers, plays guitar at the local jazz community, and set stove at the local church, dreaming of a big love. Why is he still an alien in a country where he lives his life, where his children and grandchildren live.

Director: Andrei Traderson

Producer: Andrei Traderson

Сast: Boris Senkov

Studio: Sihtasutus Traderson Foundation