2018 | Documentary | 28 min. | Italy, Russia | 6+

The protagonist of the film is disappointed, lost, at the limit. In this state, he finds himself in Italy, where dancing is a strong self-sufficient form of art, step by step it brings him back to life. Moving from chaos to harmony, dancing, the hero takes back his lost inspiration, re-learning to understand his true desires and thoughts, his inner-self. Italy as the beginning of European civilization and the starting point is the right place for such discoveries. Dancing is one of the first mystical practices, knowledge brought to people by the Gods. Italian dances are one of the first attempts of humanity to express itself through creativity.

Directors Statement

Once a human has realized himself as an individual, he was confused. I feel, that as a species, we are still in this confusion. We are prone to constant depression, stress and crisis, we go to psychotherapists and try to solve our personal injuries with constant career growth, accidental connections and sex, alcohol, drugs...anything. Behind all this lies our desire to understand ourselves and the meaning of our existence: eternal questions, banal and worn – out formulations - but still no answers. How to cope with the fear of death? What to leave behind? What is our journey after what will inevitably happen? Sometimes it seems that there are no answers, but sometimes, there is something magical and it seems that life suddenly makes sense, becomes a conscious act. It is creativity that became the weapon of man, his attempt to realize and overcome death, to remain in eternity. Man has been dancing since the beginning of time. Dancing passionately, fiercely, primitive, dancing because can not stop dancing, dancing, because he lives with a constant pace and rhythm of the beating of his heart. The dance is our attempt to understand ourselves, Italian dance - is an attempt to understand ourselves through the generations, through the centuries of the succession of peoples and traditions. An attempt to make a movie about it - is an offer to the audience. The proposal is not to go mad from the hopelessness and meaninglessness, and to remember our spiritual creativeness, which is endowed with an ancient, powerful energy of life.

Director: Anji Taratuta

Producers: Denis Tagintsev and Olga Mokrushina

Сast: Denis Tagintsev and Chiara Garuglieri

Studio: TFF company