The Crying of Tanbur / Nolai Tanbur

2018 | Fiction | 25 min. | Tajikistan | 16+

The civil war destroyed childhood of young boy. While his family waits for father’s return boy tries to bear the increasing stress, hunger, his own fears…

Directors Statement

I'm a young filmmaker from Tajikistan –a country which experienced a terrible civil war following the collapse of the SovietUnion.To this day the tragic stories of the war are almost unknown to the outside world.This is,in part, due to how the narrative of the war and its legacy have been managed by the state.As a result, few artists engage with this vital period in our history. Although the country is peaceful today, many still remember that time,among them many who were children during the war

Director: Anisa Sabiri

Producers: Joseph Proto, Smita Proto and Vitaly Khinenzon

Сast: Ali Sharipov, Tereza Zaurbekova and Yasmine Jalezoghlu