2017 | Fiction | 91 min. | Russia

Drama. This story was formed from a lot of real stories about the lives of those who chose to stay behind the scenes. Young, full of life energy provincial girl dances to “My Boy”. She does not suspect that soon, having gone to conquer the capital, she would meet a man whose appearance will break the rapturous flight of her soul. And she will turn into the one who is contemptuously called “mistress”. Having gone the hard way from bright hopes to total loss of herself for the sake of material wealth, she must find the strength to escape from the agonizing series of expectations, emptiness and humiliating scenes. But after so many years of dependence, will she be able to have the guts to make a change?

Director: Elena Zhigaeva

Producers: Elena Zhigaeva, Nina Komarova and Alexei Petrukhin

Сast: Anna Churina, Vladimir Toptcov and Maria Atlas

Studios: “Magnum Group” Film Company, “Lestnitsa” Film School and “Russian Film Group” Corporation