2020 | Fiction | 10 min. | 12+

When the time comes to die, Feodora turns out to be a client of a mysterious afterlife agency and learns that even death does not have power over love.

Directors statement

My grandparents lived together for forty-four years. They loved each other very much, but for eight years now, grandfather died, and my grandmother lives alone. I want to believe that one day they will meet again and will never part. My film is a symbol of my, albeit naive, but unshakable faith in love. My main goal was to convey to the viewer a very simple idea that love conquers everything, even death. Looking at the result, I believe that I succeeded. The image of this thought of mine was the idea of a mysterious afterlife agency, whose employees are strange characters inspired by circus costumes and performances from the beginning of the 20th century. This is my first real film, which the team and I developed, shot and brought to the final almost a year. In fact, much of what was originally conceived did not work out, did not work out and turned out to be insufficiently understood by the eye and perception of the beholder. But you cannot engage in such a complex craft as cinema, as if you are a professional with many years of work experience, if you do not have this experience, so I love this film the way it is, the way it turned out, for one simple reason - I made it in full force, with love, pleasure and drive, not for a second doubting the importance of each frame, the correctness of every word and every movement of the camera. The main difficulty at the filming stage was the number of locations and actors, complex scenes and very ambitious ideas that turned out to be larger than I had imagined. As a director, I liked working on this picture, because the whole process went on as if on the principle of “mission impossible” - we tried to jump above our own abilities. Yes, not everything turned out, but was it interesting to us? Highly!

Director: Daria Zolotareva

Producer: Elizabeth Sharay

Сast: Nikolay Larchujenkov, Igor Lesov, Alexander Alyabiev, Denis Agatov, Alena Reznik and Taisia Chernyatina

Studio: VGIK film studio