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The main idea of ​​the festival. The focus is on watching and analyzing films about childhood, adolescence, family life, school, leisure, work, social and professional integration, social and cultural diversity and situations in which there is a positive change in the thoughts, feelings and consciousness of a young adult and those around him. of people. The program of the film festival “Growing up together” invites children and adults to the Cinema Meetings for their own reflection and collective discussion, which will touch upon various facets of a person's relationship to the world, to people and to himself. In the selected films in the festival program, the main characters will be the children and young people themselves, the adults around them, as well as films as messages to the growing up young generation. “Growing up together” is a call to adults to understand the world of a growing up child, gaining involvement in his life experience, and the possibility of joint interaction, personal growth. The mission of the festival is to draw the attention of teachers, parents, the general public to the problems of children and youth through joint viewing and discussion of films that reveal various aspects of a person's growing up in the modern world; development and testing of methods of problem-value communication of children, teachers, parents, aimed at harmonizing the relationship of children and youth to themselves, others and the world. The purpose of the festival: the organization of problem-value communication between children, youth and adults on the basis of watching and discussing Russian and foreign films that reveal various aspects of human growing up in the modern world.

The objectives of the festival:

  • increasing the spiritual, intellectual and cultural potential of children, youth and parents through the formation of a culture of watching Russian and foreign films;
  • organization of communication platforms for individual and collective reflection of participants of different audience on the basis of discussion of the value-semantic content of films;
  • ensuring the availability of high-quality Russian and foreign cinema for various viewers;
  • popularization of the art of cinematography among children, youth and parents;
  • assistance in the formation of media competence among specialists focused on updating and solving problems in the field of education and socialization of children and youth;
  • promoting the creative self-realization of youth and child-adult associations representing various film projects of media centers and studios of educational organizations of various types and types, non-profit organizations.

The main target audiences of the festival program participants:

children from 7 years old;

youth from 18 years old;

parental community;

specialists involved in the upbringing and socialization of children and youth (workers in education and youth policy, culture and social work, health care, law enforcement agencies working with minors).


All films included in the official program of the festival become laureates and will be awarded with diplomas and symbols of the festival, special prizes (audience award from the children's and parental jury) and valuable gifts from the organizing committee, partners and sponsors of the festival.


The festival program includes films that have taken part in other film festivals for children and youth, created over the past 10 years. Films for viewing at the festival: full-length feature films; short fiction, documentary and animation films (up to 30 minutes). Foreign films participating in the festival must be in the original language with Russian subtitles or with simultaneous translation into Russian.

The Festival Commission analyzes films on the following grounds (Appendix 1 to the Regulations):

  • quality of film production,
  • information security,
  • value-semantic content.

The consent of the rightholders of films to participate in the selection procedure and the festival program is in Appendix 2. The composition of the commission is formed from the organizers and partners of the festival. The main composition of the commission is attended by children and youth, parents, specialists in the field of education and culture. The composition of the commission is approved by the head of the executive organizing committee of the festival with the obligatory personal consent of each expert and his acceptance of all requirements for work in the Commission. Based on the results of the work of the Festival Commission, the head of the executive organizing committee of the festival forms the program of film screenings.



Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers

The selection of films for participation in the festival is carried out by the expert commission of the festival. The main composition of the commission is attended by children and youth, parents, specialists in the field of education and culture.



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