Friends / Podrugi


2020 | Fiction | 14 min. | Russia | 16+

One day, on New Year's Eve, two friends - first-graders Natasha and Anya - get acquainted with Nura and (against Anin's will) take her into their company. From this moment on, lives of that three friends are inseparably linked. Together they grow up, revolt and cheat. Together they fool around and cry, argue and reconcile. They meet their first love and survive the first betrayal. Supporting each other, friends are able to cope with everything – except one: one day Nura will have to leave her friends forever.

Director: Tatiana Ivashkina

Producer: Dmitry Paklin

Сast: Mariya Scuratova and Angelina Strechina

Studio: Kinolift Family ltd.