Lecce European Film Festival


Years running: 23 (since 2000)

Lecce European Film Festival

European Film Festival.


The target of the Festival is to act as an intermediary among cultures, among the different film languages, as well as to become a potential means of cinema promotion: an exchange, encouraging diversity and avoiding its closure, which leads to non-communicating cultural enclaves. Cinema can become a mirror reflecting what is around it: interpreting and dwelling upon its contradictions and accepting them as its own heritage. It is a Festival with a subject: Dialogues. “Dialogues”: deep correspondences with the “Other” and the “Self”, attempts and examples of dialogues between the ego and the self, the ego and the transcendent, adult and young people, feminine and masculine and then ethnic dialogues and “extreme” dialogues.


  • European Feature Films Competition;
  • Tributes and Retrospectives;
  • Special Events and Proposals.


International Jury awards:

  • Best Film: Golden Olive Tree (to the director),
  • Best Cinematography Award,
  • Best Screenplay Award,
  • Special Jury Award.

The following prizes will also be assigned:

  • S.N.G.C.I. Prize to the Best European Actor,
  • FIPRESCI Prize,
  • Cineuropa Prize,
  • Special Audience Award.


European competition «Ulivo d’Oro»: 

  • The films must have been produced in the year 2018 or 2019, presented in a standard DCP print and having a running time of over 60 minutes. The film must be an Italian Premiere.

Documents and Other Requisite Items

  • Fill out entry form,
  • Send DVD with submitted film by mail or a digital link .

Lecce Festival will cover film shipping costs both ways, except when the print is to be sent out to another Festival: according to the International Regulations, the outbound cost will be covered by the other Festival.

Subtitles: English 

Premiere Requirements

National premiere required.

Jury and Organizers

Festival Director: Alberto La Monica
Artistic Director: Cristina Soldano
Organization: Cultural Association «Art Promotion»




Official Website




Festival del Cinema Europeo
Attn. Luigi La Monica
Via Comano, 95
00139 Roma,


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Dates & Deadlines
  • Deadline
    January 15, 2019
  • Event Dates
    8 — 13 April 2019
Categories & Fees

Debute short film competition: directors from Apulia region.

  • Deadline — free

European feature films.

  • Deadline — free

Italian documentaries.

  • Deadline — free

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