2018 | Fiction | 20 min. | Russia | 18+

А huckster and a musician rent an apartment together. Today is the pay day, but they have no money left. The host said she is kicking them out if they don’t pay. The guys are waiting for her to come, while the huckster’s client comes to their place threatening to call the police.

Directors statement

People of art are often too shy in their actions and intentions. I made a movie about the importance of decision making. A movie that shows that sometimes it’s so important to just take the action and see the results. All of this let me make a movie without special education and experience

Director: Razmik Kocharyan

Producer: Bakha Yegamediev

Сast: Igor Sharoyko, Stanislav Rumyantsev and Kirill Kovbas

Studio: Spiridonovka 34