2019 | Fiction | 15 min. | Russia

Sveta and Oleg are a modern young couple: they eat organic food, exercise regularly and are dreaming of moving to Europe. All their plans turn to ruin one day at the supermarket as Sveta gets bitten by a woman in leopard leggings. Soon Sveta begins to notice new exotic desires: for leopard print in particular and for unregulated life in general. Oddly enough, the infection that is threatening their modern lifestyle can also spark new passion in couple’s relationship.

Director: Natalia Shinelyova

Producers: Ekaterina Vyblova, Maria Enatskaya and Natalia Shinelyova

Сast: Natalia Anisimova , Alexander Dmitriev , Marina Gaizidorskaya, Valeria Yakovleva, Ksenia Khudoba, Alexandra Kabanova, Maria Vardenga, Olga Zaitseva and Alexander Koltsov

Studio: Natalia Shinelyova