2020 | Fiction | 8 min. | Russia | 12+

Soccer player Luzhin and his wife Tasya arrive to the big city, invited by famous club. Tasya can already envision their future posh life. While the husband sets out to visit the club, it turns out that they won’t be signing the contract with him. Tasya is shocked, but is still determined to fight for her and her husband’s future.

Directors statement

Wife of a soccer player” is a debut film. For me, it’s an attempt to figure out the role of a “woman as producer” in the life of a man. More and more often, driven young girls forego the way of parallel business career, instead opting for their husbands’ successful path, and becoming their strategists, mentors, producers. But what do they have to support that, beside faith in their own value? And who really gives “the best years of their lives” to whom? This short film is still but a search of own cinematic method and narrative pacing. During the pre-production and filming itself, I’ve seen, understood and had a feel for my style of filming. And I like that a lot. I intend to study and develop it further, and I hope that it will become distinctive in my following pieces. Another important discovery for me was that, for some scenes, spontaneous decisions on the set proved to be more effective than the ones we initially storyboarded. I’m immensely grateful to the film crew, as everyone gave more than 100% of themselves to the project. I’m sure it is an advancement in the industry for everyone.

Director: Roman Polyakov

Producer: Galina Polyakova

Сast: Anastasia Ukolova, Nikita Lobanov and Natalya Bardo

Studio: Panda Production