Let Me Live My Life / Вырваться

2018 | Documentary | 44 min. | Russia | 18+

In their childhood, our heroes became orphans, and it resulted in their mental and social deficiency. For years, they stay inmates of closed psychoneurologic nursing homes: Natasha – for women, Guera and Kolya – for men. Now they’ve got a chance to become self-dependent. On this path they’ve met together and even felt love in their life.

Directors Statement

This is a story of those who had no luck to find themselves in the situation they don’t deserve. The diagnosis of “slight mental retardation” condemned them from the age of 18 to live with the mentally ill. When I met N, G and K, I couldn’t see why they were said to be deficient? They are like you and me, no big difference. They make their plans, fall in love and suffer. They wanted very much to be filmed in the hope that the others will see their unhappy destiny. This is how I made this film.

Director: Olga Averkieva

Producer: Vladimir Sokolov

Studio: Novy Kurs film studio