2020 | Fiction | 29 min. | Russia | 12+

Hot dog seller Gosha, who was recently fired, is lucky enough to be on the set shooting a crowd scene, where he is noticed by a producer named Arthur and offered, on a paid basis, to depict a lawyer in front of his partner, with whom they share business. Gosha gladly agrees and finds himself in a luxurious country mansion, where Arthur's wife, his business partner and his wife are waiting for him. After learning that Gosha is a famous lawyer, everybody begins to offer him money so that Gosha helps to share the business on the most favorable terms for him... Former hot dog seller tries to refuse, but the temptation is overwhelming, he loses his head and starts bargaining behind Arthur’s back, asks to increase the fee and make an advance payment right away…

Director: Irina Mardar

Producer: Nina Rubshtein

Сast: Alexey Belozer, Mikhail Safronov and Irina Lisovskaya