2020 | Documentary | 27 min. | Russia | 16+

Disrespecting women, the brutal alpha male decides to return the favor of one of his former passions for the sake of increasing self-esteem. But in the end, it opens up feelings that I didn't think about before.

Directors statement

I had no idea what to make the film about. When I was looking for a hero, I wrote to various freaks, activists in the struggle for their rights, and “unformatted” people. I was looking for a conflict of a person with reality around. And did not find. I was very sad because of this and flew to Thailand for the new year. There I was found by this hero. Seeing how disgusting he is towards women, while constantly remembering one, I found a man with a conflict within. He said that he would beat her from an elderly millionaire in his native Vladivostok when he returned there. And having returned from rest, I flew to Vladivostok to shoot this story. I thought it would be a blockbuster, with fights, serenades under the window and scenes of confessions, but everything turned out as it turned out. I am sure that all heterosexual men inside have such Alfaromeo. Someone has more alpha, someone Romeo. And putting together the events of editing in such logic, I wanted to show how ridiculous alpha in the beginning and beautiful Romeo in the end.

Director: Radik Rakhimov

Producer: Radik Rakhimov