2017 | Fiction | 30 min. | Latvia, Poland, Russia

Non Final Judgement. It's a story of how usual for viewers TV-show turns into into a trial for the main heroine. Albina Sabitskaya could have lived a merry and interesting life but did it usual, equally to dull for most people. Now in front of the cameras she has to stand for her choice and revalue her past at the sight of millions viewers on the air.

Director: Maria Tsvetkova

Producers: ndrey Grigoryev and Jacek Kryszkiewicz

Сast: Nadezhda Karpukhina, Evgeniy Zhuk, Yuri Yafaev, Michael Ikonnikov , Sergey Kulikov, Boris Grabak, Victor Kuzin, Rosa Tsvetkova, Alisa Tsvetkova, Jerzy Piatkowski and Victoria Bogatyreva

Studio: Marshac Production LLC