2020 | Fiction | 23 min. | Russia | 12+

As chance would have it, a young geologist and an aspiring artist meet in the Caucasus Mountains. They develop a liking to each other and spend an evening and a night together. They have their whole long lives ahead of them, and even after decades, the gleam of that meeting will persist.

Directors statement

Topic of this film appealed to me, because it’s about each and every one of us, about something we oft forget – that every human bears a longing for something grand, divine. At the very beginning of the journey we already knew, that for such a nestled, precious story, we have to hit the bullseye with the heroes and the time period, and we realized that it hinges on two aspects: actors (She- fragile, young, other, and He- noble, courageous, a knight); and location: elevated, almost make-believe. We searched for half a year. We were astonished with how this story would hook everyone in, because it touched everyone, and it was surprising that everyone wanted to bring it to life! It was giving us inspiration and pushing us forward. We were looking for a geologists’ station, and couldn’t find one, but found a climbers’ station instead – Ullu-Tau station in the Adyr-Su mountain gorge, which remained almost completely unchanged since its founding in 1937 We brought our props from Moscow to this wonderful place, where everyone welcomed us warmly and strived to help, with the exception of ever-shifting weather. We had to admit powerlessness and surrender to the whims of the weather, and when we’d done that, when we accepted nature, weather, fog, rain, cold, absence of communication or comfort, the nature accepted us too. And then, we could make ourselves believe that we’re doing something beautiful! We hope, we’ll make you believe that as well!

Director: Orkhan Abulov

Producer: Elena Butenko-Raykina

Сast: Maria Lapshina, Olga Lapshina and Daniil Pugaev