Dirty Art Hairdressing / Eti bezumnyye parikmakhery


2021 | Documentary | 25 min. | Russia

An art group of hairdressers from St. Petersburg explains how the hair can express emotional state of the human soul. Experimenting with shapes, ideas and materials, crazy craftsmen create shocking things that are completely uncommon for the beauty industry. Is the hair a wealth or an atavism, your personal home or means communication, an art or some kind of game. Is it place on the head or in a trash bin? Crazy hairdressers argue about it.

Directors Statement

The film reveals the theme of creativity in the hairdressing world. St. Petersburg, as a cultural and creative capital, has became the homeland for a large number unique hairdressers. Thanks to the Internet they have gained worldwide fame. Over the past decade, Russia has formed its own fashionable environment and our masters are currently the source inspiration for a large number of people in different countries. Hairdresser label Hairfcker combined in himself, in addition to the salon and the school, many masters from different projects. They are making their names at various international events. During 10 years of collaboration the label was attended by hundreds of people from different creative professions - artists, photographers, models, actors, video makers. And with this film we show an alternative view of hairdressing fashion, we are opening the door to our creative workshop. Working in different genres, such as photography, painting, music, sculpture, illustration, performance, design things and interior, we show how an ordinary profession can reach the level of high multidisciplinary art. By releasing the original version of the film in English, we aimed to introduce people from all over the world to our hairdressing culture that has shaped its style and originality. In support to the film and original "Russian style" we organized an exhibition Dirty Art Hairdressing, where introduce visitors to Russian avant-garde masters. This phenomenon in America has been compared with the movement of Russian avant-garde artists at the beginning of the twentieth century. They noticed the influence of bold styles, works and ideas on the Western hairdressing industry. The film and exhibition touches upon such aspects of profession as the digital future of the hairdresser, recycling, emotional intelligence, impact hairstyles for a person's lifestyle, and the importance of creative approach to work. The film is compiled on the basis of archival photographs and videos. They were made by more then a hundred specialists during the existence of the label. One of our goals was to show how you can expand the horizons of your activities, through collaborations with different disciplines and thus inspire other professions to do the same. We show how the creativity can help to overcome the burnout and also create new directions in those disciplines where it would seem everything has been said for a long time before.

Director: Kirill Sarychev

Producer: Iskander Sadykov

Сast: Mariya Klass and Kirill Sarychev