2016 | Fiction | 15 min. | Russia

The newly-weds Lyuba and Andrei have a crisis in their relationship. In order to get a rest and settle their family life, they go to a summer house (dacha). A strange man called Bull joins the newly-weds at the dacha and makes a pass at Lyuba. In affect, Andrei hits the unbidden visitor with the wooden mallet. The newly-weds tie up the unconscious Bull. When he comes round, he demands that they untie him and intimidates them to such a degree that they can no longer release him.

Director: Alexey Naumov

Producer: Ekaterina Filippova, Grigoriy Stoyalov and Alexey Naumov

Сast: Evgeniya Khrapovitskaya, Oleg Sokolov and Sergey Legostaev

Studio: High Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors