Years running: 17 (since 2006)


Международный православный Сретенский кинофестиваль.


Objects of a festival are:

  • Helping the artists of national culture, based on Orthodoxy, at meeting with the audience;
  • Creation of the original platform for professional development and the religious growth of the experts wishing to work within orthodox culture;
  • Opening of the way to the viewer to those works of art which will help improve situations in health care, education, culture, armies in the different countries;
  • Decreasing terrorist moods in the world thanks to peaceful contents of movies;
  • Saturation a cultural information field of the state with positive social experience of life in modern conditions;
  • Association of cinematographers of the different countries on the basis of uniform Christian outlook.;


  • The film festival Grand Prix - "Crystal birds" and a cash bonus
  • To the winner in the nomination "The Best Fiction Film", "the Best documentary"    "The best animation movie" –     crystal candlestick, letter
  • To winners in other nominations - the special memorable souvenirs
  • Prize of spectator sympathies
  • Prize colleague to the colleague
  • Prize of the president of a film festival


  • Nomination «For the Best Fiction Film about an Orthodox Way of Life»
  • Nomination «For the Best Documentary about an Image of the Modern Christian»
  • Nomination «For the Best Animation Movie about Christian Values»
  • Nomination «For the Best Educational Film»
  • Nomination «For the Best Television Movie about Mercy»
  • Nomination «For the Best Advertising Movie about a Social Healthy Lifestyle»
  • Nomination «For the Best Movie about Preservation of the Environment»
  • Nomination «For Opening of the Hero of Our Time»
  • Nomination «For the Best Debut»
  • Nomination «For Best Actress»
  • Nomination «For Best Actor»
  • Nomination «for the best children's role»


  • The authors who are supporting the fundamental ideas of a film festival and having desire to promote realization of tasks of this project can participate in a film festival.
  • The jury takes cognizance of the short and full-length movies, television movies of all genres (documentary, game, animation, information, advertising, scientific) corresponding to subject and problems of a film festival and created not earlier than 2019 in Russian (or with subtitles in Russian).
  • The number of movies isn't limited.
  • For out-of-competition display movies of festival subject are accepted irrespective of creation terms


  • Fill in entry form.
  • Pay entry fee after receiving invitation for participation.

Subtitle language: Russian

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers

  • Kaluga diocese of ROC
  • Administration of the Kaluga region
  • Administration of Obninsk
  • Non-profit partnership  «Film festival « Meeting»
  • With assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and Union of cinematographers of the Russian Federation




Official Website



Non-profit partnership
«Film Festival « Meeting»
249038, Obninsk Kaluga Region,
5a Lyubogo Street

Phone: +7 (484) 396 48 99

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Deadline
    December 31, 2020
  • Event Dates
    15 — 21 February 2021
Categories & Fees
  • Deadline — 2,000 ₽
  • Deadline — 2,000 ₽
  • Deadline — 2,000 ₽
  • Deadline — 2,000 ₽
  • Deadline — 2,000 ₽
  • Deadline — 2,000 ₽

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