Years running: 34 (since 1987)

International Festival of Audiovisual Programs

International Film Festival: audiovisual programs.


Fipa, the International Festival of Audiovisual Programs, was created to recognize, honor and promote exceptional work in the audiovisual media and contribute to the development of the audiovisual arts throughout the world.

The festival's purpose is to encourage the production of high quality TV programs around the world.


Participation is open to the following types of audiovisual programmes from various genres:

  • Drama (standalone and mini series: 4 episodes maximum);
  • Series (26 minutes and above);
  • Documentary (over 45 minutes);
  • Reportage and Investigation (over 45 minutes);
  • Performing Arts (over 45 minutes);
  • Transmedia, Cross-Media, Web Programmes (Smart Fip@ category).

Submitted programmes will be examined according to the designated categories. In special cases, the Board of Directors will determine the categories in which the programmes (from the selection) may be presented.
For programmes (that make the selection) consisting of several parts, the Board of Directors reserves the right not to screen the programme in its entirety.

The out-of-competition selection comprises 3 categories:

  • French Creation (for French productions);
  • European Creation (for European productions);
  • International Creation (for non-European productions).



  • FIPA D’OR,
  • FIPA D'OR best actor,
  • FIPA D'OR best actress,
  • FIPA D'OR best original script,
  • FIPA D'OR best original score.


  • FIPA D’OR,
  • FIPA D'OR best actor,
  • FIPA best actress,
  • FIPA D'OR best original script,
  • FIPA D'OR best original score.

Creative documentary:

  • FIPA D'OR.

Reportage and Investigation:

  • FIPA D'OR.

Performing Art:

  • FIPA D'OR.

Smart Fip@:

  • FIPA D'OR.

Other awards:

  • Michel Mitrani Prize: The prize is awarded to a work that is exceptional for its spirit of resistance, unique style or innovative approach. Eligible programmes must be a director’s first or second work. This prize is awarded to a European programme of any genre;
  • Young Europeans Jury Prize: The Young European Jury consists of 13 French-speaking 15-18 year olds from across the European Union and awards this prize to a programme from the Reportage and Investigation category;
  • Télérama Prize: The Télérama Prize was established in 2012 and is awarded to a non-French work from the “Documentary” or “Reportage and Investigation” categories. The 3,000 € prize will be awarded;
  • Jérôme Minet Prize: Established in 2013 in memory of French producer Jérôme Minet, this prize is awarded to a production company for the development of a future work. The value of the prize is 10,000 €
  • EuroFipa d’Honneur.



  • Programs must have been produced within the 12 months preceding the Festival;
  • Only world premieres (programmes never previously screened/broadcast), international premieres (programmes only screened/broadcast in their country of origin), and European premieres will be eligible for the competition. Priority will be given to world premieres;
  • Programs must be compatible with the aim of the Festival as defined in the preamble;
  • Productions created for theatrical film exhibition are not eligible;
  • For series, submissions must consist of at least 2 episodes.

Documents and Other Requisite Items

  • Fill out entry form,
  • Pay entry fees,
  • Send 2 DVDs with submitted film by mail or download link (with password) with submitted film by e-mail (

Additional Information

In order to avoid delays and customs charges, the mention "For cultural use only" should appear on the packaging of all DVDs sent from abroad. Should these DVDs be sent by an international courier service, customs charges and other taxes must be paid by the sender (to be mentioned on the shipping invoice).

Selection Media Type


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Subtitles language:


Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement




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    September 18, 2015
  • Regular Deadline
    November 20, 2015
  • Event dates
    24 November 2015 — 19 January 2016
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