2019 | Fiction | 7 min. | Russia | 16+

Christmas is such a joyous time. But haven’t you ever happened to feel unbearingly sad on this night?

Directors Statement

"Christmas on The Moon". Imagine that Ennio Morricone, who wrote the music for “Once upon a time in America”, had been a friend of David "Noodles" Aaronson, and it hadn’t been a fiction. The plot of “Christmas on the moon” is based on the real story and a little bit of magic. Well, it’s pretty clear about the magic part: the Christmas night, a savior Teddy bear. The real part is, alas, more dramatic. When I was young, shootings were common on the streets of the city, where the video was filmed. And not only adults were involved in these shootings. Drug dealers used homeless children as drug mules. That’s how one beautiful and brave girl never had a chance to see Christmas. So, “Christmas on the moon” is my personal grief… “Noodles, I slipped!”

Director: Lado Kvataniya

Producers: Ilya Dzhincharadze, Olga Mitina, Nico Cartosio, Ilya Stewart and Murad Osmann

Сast: Mariya Lobanova

Studio: Hype Production