Years running: 7 (since 2012)


Madrid International Fantastic Film Fest.


The Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival, Nocturna will takes place in Madrid – the capital and largest city of Spain - and is the new big festival related to science fiction, horror and fantasy films in Spain. The last editions we have world premieres as James Wan’s The Conjuring or Edge of Tomorrow, among others and guests as Joe Dante, Tobe Hooper, Robert Englund, Dario Argento, Neil Marshall, Lamberto Bava, Natalie Dormer, Sibell Kekili, Mick Garris, Alex de la Iglesia, Jaume Balaguero, and many more.


  • Fantastic Official Night (NOFF)
  • Official Dark Visions Night (DARK)
  • Nocturna Oficial Cortometrajes (NOFC)


  • Nocturna Oficial Fantastico Panorama (NOFP)
  • Nocturna Panorama Short Films
  • Nocturna Masters of the Fantastic (MASTERS)
  • Nocturnal Retrospective (CLASSICS)
  • Nocturna Kids (NKID)


  • Nocturna «Paul Naschy award» best motion picture (NOFF)
  • Nocturna award best director (NOFF)
  • Nocturna award best actor (NOFF)
  • Nocturna award best actress (NOFF)
  • Nocturna award best screenplay (NOFF)
  • Nocturna award best cinematography or special effects (NOFF)
  • Nocturna Dark Visions award best motion picture (DARK)

In addition, if considered convenient the jury will reserve the possibility to award a maximun of two special prizes to highlight technical and artistic aspects of some of the in competition films.

By popular vote, the audience will hand out

  • the Audience Award to the Best Fantastic Feature Film,
  • best International Fantastic Short Film
  • best Spanish Fantastic Short Film. 


  • The inclusion of films in this section is restricted to films produced in 2016/17 and have never premiered before in Spain;
  • The official section includes a subsection for short films, called SHOTS, for shorts produced in 2016/17 with runtimes no longer than 20 minutes;
  • Submit a film is free through physical delivery to the festival offices and has a cost of 2 euros (short films) / 3 euros (feature films) through the Festhome platform.

Selection Media Type: DVD, online

Screening Media Type: DCP, digital

Premiere Requirements

National premiere required.




Official website



NOCTURNA, Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival
Plaza de Callao Nº1, Piso 5, Oficina 1
28013 Madrid (Spain)


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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening date
    April 26, 2017
  • Deadline
    September 01, 2017
  • Event dates
    25 — 29 October 2017
Categories & Fees

Fiction and animation films

  • Deadline — €3

Fiction and animation under 20 minutes.

  • Deadline — €2
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United States

27 days

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