Barabbas / Варавва


2018 | Fiction | 116 min. | Russia

The film is based on the biblical story of Christ’s death and resurrection, which we see with the eyes of brigand Barabbas who got away from death on the cross, released by the crowd in honor of Easter. But long awaited freedom brings only pain and doubts. Acquaintance with mysterious Melchior and further events change his life completely. Barabbas is constantly being tortured by the only question – is the man from Nazareth the son of God?

Director: Evgeny Emelin

Producers: Anton Kirillov and Evgeny Emelin

Сast: Pavel Kraynov, Zalim Mirzoev, Regina Hakimova, Aleksandr Laptey, Konstantin Samoukov, Elena Podkaminskaya and Sergey Sanaev

Studio: «Artworks» LLC