Odd Woman / Чудная Баба


2017 | Fiction | 29 min. | Russia

“Odd Woman” is a screen adaptation of a world renowned play by Nina Sadur, which tells the story of Lidia Petrovna, who suddenly finds herself in a deserted crop field together with an odd woman in black. The crone tells her that every one Lidia has ever known and loved is dead and the world has been repopulated with dummies that mimic the originals perfectly. When Lidia gets back to the office, she discovers that her colleagues are behaving strangely, their every action confirming the strange woman’s story. Now she must find out what’s real and what’s not, as well as find the answer to the most important question - if she herself is alive.

Director: Danila Dunaev

Producer: Alexander Chernov and Daria Petrova

Сast: Glafira Tarkhanova, Inna Stepanova and Danila Dunaev