2019 | Documentary | 26 min. | Russia | 16+

A representative of the Nivkh ethnic group lives in a small village by the sea on Sakhalin Island. Every day he fishes and gets food for himself and his animals. He goes fishing, comes back home without a catch, talks to his dog, thinks what to do, sits in a poorly furnished room. He goes fishing again, tells about his nation group, comes back home with fish. He salts the fish, works in the garden, plays with his dogs. Then he takes the accordion and sings a song in Ukrainian.

Directors Statement

This film is about a person who is unique to the present. The representative of the ancient people found an amazing balance between the life of his ancestors and modern life. He remains active and "alive” in difficult conditions. He doesn’t complain about fate, he just works very hard. He has no equals in fishing skills. He is experiencing some kind of absolutely unity with nature, he doesn’t fight with it. His family consists of three dogs and two cats and there’s no one closer.

Director: Melissa Malyarzhik