2018 | Fiction | 91 min. | Russia | 12+

The film “Sea-Buckthorn Summer” is a story about the author of stories that are loved, such as “The Elder Son” and “The Duck Hunt.” But it isn’t a biography in the usual sense. The film conveys the atmosphere of that era, which at first opened up before the young writer as a kaleidoscope of opportunities, and then slammed all the doors shut, leaving just one way out – death. It’s by no means an accident that this dramaturge with a poetic and at the same time ironic view of the world became the voice of a generation. Unfortunately, only after his death.

Director: Viktor Alferov

Producers: Alexei Telnov and Yevgeny Grigoriev

Сast: Andrei Merzlikin, Sergei Agafonov and Polina Chernyshova

Studio: Lendok Film Studio Production