2020 | Fiction | 67 min. | Russia | 12+

A small town in Siberia is trapped for many months of quarantine. People die from a mysterious disease, which comes from water. Survivors hide in their flats - but the running water is just as poisoned. Self-defense groups are moving along the empty streets and desperate loners are hunting for their fellows. A young girl is trying to save her dying mother. She sets out into the unknown to overcome her fear and trying to rebuild the relations with the outer world that has become man’s mortal enemy. Sasha Voronov’s film “Mom, I Befriended Ghosts” is an attempt to imagine the changed relations between people and nature when the first cease the reason of being humans and the second receives an opportunity to get rid of them.

Director: Sasha Voronov

Producers: Pavel Karykhalin and Sasha Voronov

Сast: Alla Mitrofanova, Sasha Nikiforova, Taya and Sergey Semenov

Studio: Stereotactic LLC