Lublin Film Festival


Years running: 18 (since 2007)

Lublin Film Festival

International Independent Film Festival.


The festival is made by the film enthusiasts for film enthusiast. We appreciate anyone who tries to express themselves through independent cinema, we reward those who do it best. Films will be awarded in many categories. Tradition of Lublin Independent Film Festival Golden Anteaters is inventing some crazy categories.

In 2015 the following festivals: Golden Anteaters, Full Length Film Festival and Freaked-Out Films are merged into one festival called Golden Anteaters. Full Length has become the feature-length strand of Golden Anteaters with a separate cash prize and a distinct Jury selected from among our public's entries. Freaked-Out Films have become the Golden Anteaters' Freaked-Out Films Competition.


There are 6 contests for short films: 

  • LITTLE ANTEATERS – films for children (from 6 years old) 
  • MASTERS OF ANIMATION – animations 
  • MASTERS OF EMOTION - drama and psychological films 
  • MASTERS OF OFFBEAT FILMS – 'crazy' films, nonstandard, eluding classifications 
  • MASTERS OF GENRE – genre films 
  • MASTERS OF OBSERVATION – documentaries, mockumentaries 
  • MASTERS OF THEME - films tackling important social and cultural issues 

In each contest there is award: Golden Anteater statuette and diploma.

There is also Grand Prix of Short Film Competitions which is Golden Anteater statuette, diploma and cash prize. 
There are also Audience Golden Anteater and Krzysztof Szot Award.

There is also contest for feature films: 

  • MASTERS OF FEATURE FILMS – feature films, longer than 60 min. 

Award in this contest is also Golden Anteater statuette, diploma and cash prize.


  • The film must be produced after 1 January 2023. 
  • Films submitted must not have been shown or submitted at the previous editions of the festival.
  • In case of non-Polish films, they must have English subtitles.
  • One Author can submit two films maximum. Each film, however, must be a separate body of work and have a separate application form.

The films are to be submitted via Filmfreeway.

Obligatory submission attachments:
1) dialogue list in English with time code in .srt format
2) at least 2 film screenshots in .jpg format (300dpi)
3) a photo of the director(s) in .jpg format (300dpi)

Audio language: original

Subtitles language: English

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers

Centre for Culture based in Lublin is the Festival’s Producer.
The Festival is organised by Kinoteatr Projekt operating at the Centre for Culture.

Films are judged and awarded by the Jury constituted by the Organisers from among the distinguished representatives of the film world.

The best director award at the Full Length Masters contest is allocated by the distinct Audience Jury selected by the Organisers in the prior competition.





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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening Date
    February 15, 2024
  • Regular Deadline
    March 13, 2024
  • Late Deadline
    April 30, 2024
  • Extended Deadline
    June 01, 2024
  • Notifications
    October 16, 2024
  • Event Dates
    22 — 30 November 2024
Categories & Fees

Short films have to be not longer than 30 minutes. We accept feature short films, documentaries, animations and films for children. There are 6 competitions for short films: LITTLE ANTEATERS – films for children (from 6 years old) MASTERS OF ANIMATION – animations MASTERS OF EMOTION - drama and psychological films MASTERS OF OFFBEAT FILMS – 'crazy' films, nonstandard, eluding classifications MASTERS OF GENRE – genre films

  • Regular Deadline — free
  • Late Deadline — $6
  • Extended Deadline — $20

‘Feature Films’ is a contest for full-length non-commercial feature films of minimum 60 minutes duration. We don't accept documentaries.

  • Regular Deadline — free
  • Late Deadline — $6
  • Extended Deadline — $20
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