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Genesis International Film Festival (GIFF) is an international short film and documentary film festival. Our goal is to discover talents, introduce them to platforms for renting films in online cinemas and on TV channels.

Our goal is to expand the viewers' horizons by presenting them a variety of Russian and international short and documentary films. We want to showcase different genres and styles, as well as reveal the personalities and talents of the filmmakers. We strive to support the creative potential of authors, help the best films find their audience. We also want to show Russian films on international venues, show their uniqueness and quality, and contribute to the development of cinema in Russia.


The winners will receive wreaths, personalized statuettes, diplomas or other prizes (depending on the nomination).

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International competition of short films from current directors:

International Documentary Competition:

International Student and Debut Film Competition:


International Film Festival
"Genesis International Film Festival."
general provisions
Article 1
The Open International Short and Documentary Film Festival "Genesis International Film Festival" (hereinafter referred to as "Film Festival" or "GIFF") is organized to create an international community of filmmakers from all over the world, to support authors of short and documentary films, and to promote film distribution of short and documentary films.
As part of the Film Festival, there is a laboratory for aspiring filmmakers, where they can improve their skills by communicating with current masters of cinema. There are also meetings with directors and master classes by experts from the film industry.
The peculiarity of the Film Festival lies in its aspiration to be technological: they use their own chatbot for audience voting, neural networks help to create subtitles and musical design of the event.
festival objectives
Article 2
The objectives of the Film Festival are to popularize national Russian and international short films; to show different genres and styles of films and their creators; to contribute to the development of creative potential of authors; to gather film lovers and film producers from all over the world in a single space; to help the best films in distribution; to discover new talents in the industry; to help the best films find their audience; to discover new names in the industry.
The film festival strives to differentiate itself from other festivals by being technologically advanced and actively engaging with attendees.
festival program
Article 3
The festival program includes:
Competitive Programs:
▪ GIFF.Shorts short film competition;
The Short Film Competition is open to at least 12 short films (film length not exceeding 30 minutes).
▪ Documentary film competition "GIFF.Docu";
At least 12 films (film length not exceeding 60 minutes) will take part in the Documentary Film Competition.
▪ Short film competition "GIFF.Debuts";
The Short Debut Feature Film Competition is open to at least 12 short films (film length not exceeding 30 minutes).
▪ National (Russian) short film competition "GIFF.Russia";
At least 12 short films (30 minutes or less in length) made by Russian directors and/or with the participation of Russian producers take part in the National Russian Short Film Competition.
Non-competitive programs:
▪ Special out-of-competition screenings on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Out-of-competition programs are formed by the Film Festival Directorate.
Film production must be completed after January 1, 2020. The production date is determined by the copyright indicated on the movie or video copy.
Subtitles are mandatory for the showing of films (according to Article 6 of these Regulations).
The schedule of screenings at the festival is determined by the Film Festival Directorate. Each film may be shown no more than five times during the festival, including press screenings.
premiere status
Article 4
Premiership is not a prerequisite for selection.
Screenings within the Film Festival do not affect the selection of other international film festivals and are not in conflict with the rules of participation in other international film festivals.
film application and selection
Article 5
Electronic applications are accepted through the FilmFreeway online platform (at When submitting an application for the International Competition, a fee must be paid according to the current fees indicated on the online platform. There is no fee for submitting an entry for the National Competition.
By submitting an application, the Applicant confirms that he/she has all the rights and authorizations to submit an application for selection to the Film Festival. By submitting an electronic application (in accordance with Article 5 of these regulations) to participate in the Film Festival, the participant agrees to the free participation of the film in the Film Festival program and special/out-of-competition screenings. Sending an electronic application by the participant is the consent of the right holder with the conditions of participation. The Festival does not pay license fees for the screening of films selected for the competition.
Entries and/or preview versions of the film received after the close of entries will not be accepted for consideration.
The festival does not accept films with political or religious themes (with no artistic value), films that promote drugs, violence, hate speech or otherwise violate the current legislation.
Review of applications by the Film Festival Directorate;
The Film Festival Directorate has the right to clarify and/or request any information regarding the application via e-mail. In case the Directorate of the Film Festival reveals the facts of providing false information, the Directorate of the Film Festival has the right to reject the application.
Screening, selection, discussion and approval of films to be invited to the Film Festival is carried out by the Directorate of the Film Festival.
Information about the film's selection for screening will be sent via email and will also be available on the online platform.
The Directorate of the Film Festival reserves the right to rule on any cases not covered by these Regulations.
The decision of the Film Festival Directorate is final.
pre-selection materials
Article 6
The application must include:
▪ Preview version of the movie*;
▪ version of the movie to be screened (acceptable to send 15 days before the screening);
▪ subtitles (SRT files) with time codes: for Russian-language films, English and Russian subtitles are mandatory. For movies shot in other languages, Russian and English subtitles are also required.
▪ promotional materials (poster, synopsis, authors, stills from the movie, director's photo);
* the preview version must be identical to the display copy. Watermarks or other image protection is permitted. The screening versions sent for selection must be subtitled (in accordance with Article 6 of these Rules).
technical requirements for film copies for exhibition
Article 7
The films of the Competition and Non-Competition programs are shown in MP4/MOV/DCP format (resolution not less than 1920x1080) in the original language
with subtitles (according to Article 6 of the Regulations). The copy shall include subtitles in SRT format. The preferred format is subtitles that can be switched off (as an additional file). Embedded subtitles are an acceptable format.
Technical requirements and methods of copy transfer may be sent by the Film Festival Directorate after the formation of the Film Festival programs.
Article 8
Film Festival participants agree to provide elements of the film (including, but not limited to: footage, photos from the set, texts related to the film, trailers, teasers, cuts) for use by journalists, on TV (broadcast, cable, satellite), online media, print media and social media.
In addition, elements of the film may be used by the Film Festival Directorate in any official printed materials, online publications and other situations.
film festival logo
Article 9
After confirmation of the screening, the participant receives the official logo (wreath) of the Film Festival. The participant may place the Film Festival logo on all advertising and promotional materials.
guests and participants
Article 10
Questions about the invitation of guests, terms and conditions of their stay and accreditation at the Festival are decided by the Film Festival Directorate. The Film Festival Directorate has the right to invite guests for participation in the Film Festival who are not related to the competitive and non-competitive programs. The conditions and format for festival guests are stipulated in their personal invitations.
The Festival is covered by the Festival's media partners. The issues of inviting and providing accreditation for media representatives are decided by the Directorate of the Film Festival. The Directorate reserves the right to refuse to grant accreditation to a media representative without explanation.
Article 11
An international jury is formed to evaluate competition films. It is obligatory to have at least 2 Russian filmmakers and at least 2 foreign filmmakers on the festival jury.
The festival jury invites persons competent in the field of cinematography.
Each Jury may not include persons involved in the production or commercial distribution of films shown in the respective competition.
All jury members are obliged to refrain from making public statements about the competition films until the closing of the Film Festival.
Jury composition is determined by the Directorate of the Film Festival.
Article 12
The Festival Directorate and the Jury award the following GIFF statuette prizes:
▪ Main Prize - Best Film of the Festival (Grand Prix, awarded by decision of the Festival Directorate);
▪ Best Short Film Award;
▪ Award for the best documentary film;
▪ Award for the best debut (student) film;
▪ Award for the best national (Russian) film;
▪ Audience Award (determined interactively by the audience);
▪ Special Jury Prize (awarded according to the decision of the Jury).
final provisions
Article 13
All conditions and terms are binding, otherwise the Film Festival Management reserves the right to exclude the film from the festival program.
Participation in the festival provides for compliance with all the clauses of these Regulations. In case of disputes on the Regulations, the Russian text of these
Regulations shall be taken as the basis. The Directorate of the Film Festival has the right to decide all issues not specified in these Regulations.
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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening Date
    May 16, 2023
  • Earlybird Deadline
    June 09, 2023
  • Shark Deadline
    July 01, 2023
  • Whale Deadline
    August 14, 2023
  • Lizard Deadline
    September 05, 2023
  • Sloth Deadline
    September 27, 2023
  • Jellyfish Deadline
    November 10, 2023
  • Cheetah Deadline
    December 02, 2023
  • Penguin Deadline
    January 15, 2024
  • Reindeer Deadline
    February 06, 2024
  • Hedgehog Deadline
    February 28, 2024
  • Notifications
    April 24, 2024
  • Event Dates
    24 April 2024
Categories & Fees

Short films of any genre under 30 minutes. ⠀

  • Earlybird Deadline — $26
  • Shark Deadline — $27
  • Whale Deadline — $28
  • Lizard Deadline — $29
  • Sloth Deadline — $30
  • Jellyfish Deadline — $31
  • Cheetah Deadline — $32
  • Penguin Deadline — $33
  • Reindeer Deadline — $33
  • Hedgehog Deadline — $33

International Documentary Film Competition:

  • Earlybird Deadline — $26
  • Shark Deadline — $27
  • Whale Deadline — $28
  • Lizard Deadline — $29
  • Sloth Deadline — $30
  • Jellyfish Deadline — $31
  • Cheetah Deadline — $32
  • Penguin Deadline — $33
  • Reindeer Deadline — $33
  • Hedgehog Deadline — $33

International Competition of student and debut films:

  • Earlybird Deadline — $26
  • Shark Deadline — $27
  • Whale Deadline — $28
  • Lizard Deadline — $29
  • Sloth Deadline — $30
  • Jellyfish Deadline — $31
  • Cheetah Deadline — $32
  • Penguin Deadline — $32
  • Reindeer Deadline — $33
  • Hedgehog Deadline — $33

Competition of Russian short films.

  • Earlybird Deadline — free
  • Shark Deadline — free
  • Whale Deadline — free
  • Lizard Deadline — free
  • Sloth Deadline — free
  • Jellyfish Deadline — free
  • Cheetah Deadline — free
  • Penguin Deadline — free
  • Reindeer Deadline — free
  • Hedgehog Deadline — free
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