Years running: 34 (since 1991)


International Film and Music Gathering.


MEDIAWAVE Gathering – «ANOTHER CONNECTION» expects the applications of artists, whose individual way of creation is independent of fashion streams; for whom technique is the means not the purpose; who attempt to create an individual film code set - whether they live in a minority group or in a less exposed part of the world. We want a festival where an abundance of original, new and particular views will play a major role instead of exotic productions and tricks; where artists with different ways of thinking and free thoughts will come together.
Our geographical borderline situation gives us a chance to consciously mediate between the artistic movements of the Eastern and Western- European region - still rather isolated from each other. Our purpose is not to unify them, but to expose local values and characteristics. On the border of East and West, in the eastern border fortress of the old political and the newest/modern cultural and economical iron curtain, we attempt to reveal the products of modern age migration in film, a program supplemented by other visual performances (theatre, movement theatre, exhibitions) and folk-music, improvised and alternative music concerts.

Special Theme:


Any films can be submitted which deal with the problems of small nations and other minorities with special regard to European minorities especially the gipsy integration problems and opportunities.


Films, that were once swept away by storms of the history, and were not presented due to isolation, political or economic reasons, or only a limited number of people, but not the general public could have seen them, or were put back into their boxes after a few showings. We are searching for imprints of disappeared worlds, for films preserving their artistic value despite the passing of time.


Thus the Festival gives an importance and welcome especially:

  • features, short fictions and documentary films with uncommon structures, with the emphasis on the image and film realisation, instead of verbalism,
  • musical films: associated with jazz, contemporary or archaic folk music, also musical films creatively using or dealing with ethnic-based contemporary or improvised music,
  • dance and movement films: inspired by the subjects of dance and movements (with the exception of documentation of these),
  • animation films: based on different animation techniques, especially those expanding the limits of animation,
  • erotic films: with artistic contents,
  • films adapting and comparing East and West European visual and cultural values,
  • experimental films which use technics as instruments rather than goals.


  • The number of entries and their duration are not limited.
  • Entry forms must be completed, uploaded and printed, signed and submitted along with the Preview DVD; Poster and booklet (if available). The films can also be uploaded (links for uploading or online screener link must me sent by email) in digital format to the site given in the answer e-mail.
  • Films sent to the preview jury and also got into the festival programme, need to have English subtitles. 

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement




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H-9001, 9022 Győr,
Apáca u. 38., Hungary

Postal adress:
9001 Győr Pf. 668.

Phone:+36 96 517 667
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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening Date
    November 05, 2023
  • Deadline
    November 25, 2023
  • Notifications
    March 15, 2024
  • Event Dates
    15 — 20 May 2024
Categories & Fees

Films and videos, feature, short fiction, documentary, experimental, animation, dance, music, image/sound experimental works, musical works presented in any form or system.

  • Deadline — $11
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