Prix Jeunesse International


Years running: 59 (since 1964)

Prix Jeunesse International

Prize Jeunesse International.


The Prix Jeunesse Interactivity Prize honours excellence in digital elements of a broadcaster's multi-platform strategy for it's children's audience. Eligible media include (but are not limited to) websites, interactive TV, games, eBooks and mobile apps.

TV contest: highest quality television programs aimed at 2 - 15 years olds. The festival in intended for shows for children and young people, not about them.


The next PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL festival will be held in May 2020.


  • PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL: is awarded to the highest-rated programme in each category (11 – 15 Fiction, 11 – 15 Non-Fiction, 7 – 10 Fiction, 7 – 10 Non-Fiction, Up to 6 Fiction, Up to 6 Non-Fiction.
  • PRIX JEUNESSE Theme Prize
  • PRIX JEUNESSE Children's and Youth Jury Prizes are awarded by the German children’s jury in the categories 7 - 10 Fiction and 7 - 10 Non-Fiction and by the international youth jury in categories 11 – 15 Fiction and 11 – 15 Non-Fiction. 
  • Special Prizes. are awarded by UNICEF and UNESCO. 
  • PRIX JEUNESSE "Gender Equity Prize" is awarded to the programme with the most innovative way of gender representation. A special jury will award this prize out of all finalist programmes across all categories. 
  • PRIX JEUNESSE "Heart Prize" is awarded to the programme that most touches the heart, by vote of the festival participants.
  • PRIX JEUNESSE “Beyond Television” Prize used to be the PRIX JEUNESSE Interactivity Prize. In 2016, it has been turned into the  “Beyond Television” Prize for cross-media projects related to a TV programme that is a finalist in the television.


  • Top-quality television aimed at 2 – 15 year olds
  • the best of the best of the last two years: the most innovative, special, risky formats;
  • Programmes must be minimum four minutes long (except for “Shorts” category); maximum 60 minutes long; transmitted or scheduled to be transmitted or made widely available (in case of pull media) for the first time between 1 January 2020 and 31 May 2022;
  • shows for children and young people, not about them;
  • ENTRY LIMITS: For telecasters: 80 minutes per telecaster and For production houses: 1 production, maximum length 60 minutes.

Documents and Other Requisite Items

  • 1 Programme entry form;
  • 3 photographs (scenes from the programme) for use free of charge, minimum 300 dpi (to:;
  • Upload of a digital high compressed file of the English-subtitled/-voiced or dubbed programme entry.

Audio language: original
Subtitles language: English

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement




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Tel: +49 89 5900 42058

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Deadline
    December 09, 2021
  • Event Dates
    10 — 15 June 2022
Categories & Fees

Scripted stories such as dramas, sitcoms, etc. minimum four minutes long; maximum 60 minutes long;

  • Deadline — free

Documentaries, science, natural science, magazine programmes (these may include some fictional narrative segments), games or music programmes. Minimum four minutes long; maximum 60 minutes long.

  • Deadline — free
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