International Festival of Ethnological Film


Years running: 31 (since 1992)

International Festival of Ethnological Film

International ethnology and anthropology film festival.


International Festival of Ethnological Film began its life in 1992 with topics presenting mostly national TV production on folklore and customs of the Balkan people. Over the years the Festival shifted to wide variety of issues in cultural and social anthropology around the world. It strives is to foster research and creative approaches to ethnographic documentaries, to educate public and to raise voice addressing problems of contemporary society which often neglects values of cultural heritage. The Festival is yearly organized by the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade and, from this year, its new Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage. The event targets young people and academic population involved in social sciences and humanities, students and scholars in the art fields. It also endeavors to attract local communities cherishing their own cultural heritage.

Competition programs:

  • Competition Programme
  • Student Programme
  • ID3min Programme
  • Informative Programme
  • Special programmes


Festival Awards include:

  • The Dragoslav Antonijević GRAND PRIX 
  • The award for the best national film
  • The award for the best international film
  • The award for the best student film
  • The award for the best ID3min film

The International Jury may also deliver the following awards:

  • The award for the contribution to intangible cultural heritage
  • The award for the best ethnographic record
  • The award for the best amateur film
  • The awards for cinematography
  • The award for editing
  • The award for sound
  • Press Award
  • Audience Award


  • A documentary film on the subject of ethnology and anthropology
  • The film has been produced no longer than three years preceding the Festival
  • The submitted film presents a scholarly and research contribution to the area of ethnology and anthropology, while at the same time offering distinct artistic quality in the author’s approach
  • The submitted film is not longer than 75 minutes

Documents and Other Requisite Items

  • ​Only submissions with complete documentation will be taken into consideration. The complete documentation includes:
    • a copy of the film provided via the Internet or on a DVD or a Blu Ray Disk, supplied with English subtitles
    • a filled-in entry form (MS Word)
    • a copy of the film (preferably at least DVD quality 720×576 px; HD format, 1280×720 px, 16:9 or greater is recommended)
    • a synopsis (a maximum of 200 characters)
    • a trailer
    • two film stills (minimum resolution 300 dpi)
    • a short biography of the author (a maximum of 200 characters)
    • a complete credits list (the names of directors, producers, screenplay writers, directors of photography, editors, sound editors, music editors)

A copy of the film on DVD, printed and signed entry form (only fully completed entry forms will be considered), and a CD with supporting materials are to be shipped via post mail

The accompanying documentation of the film can be sent via email in the form of separate attachments to the address:

It should be clearly indicated on the envelope that the copy is shipped for cultural purposes and has no commercial value. 

Subtitles language: english

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers

Festival Director 
Vilma Niškanović 

Saša Srećković 

Aleksandra Levnaić 

Jelena Savić 

Public Relations 
Tatijana Rapp




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Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade
For International Festival of Ethnological Film
Studentski trg 13, (PO Box 357)
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Phone: +381 113 281 888

Fax: +381 113 282 944


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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening Date
    March 12, 2020
  • Deadline
    May 31, 2020
  • Event Dates
    13 — 16 October 2020
Categories & Fees

Films that do not last longer than 75 minutes

  • Deadline — free
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