2015 | Documentary | 14 min. | Russia

The film «Clay» — documentary short films about pottery. The main character is not just a charismatic and interesting man, this is a cultural layer of the forgotten Russian traditions and national pride. Without complex event viewers are introduced to the main character, and at the same time see the production of a single object. At the beginning of the movie clay crumple, and in the final — from the oven ready to pull out, a beautiful pitcher. It is like referring to the creation of the world and man, and succession ... Man was created in God's image, and it tends to challenge his likeness and harmony with its roots. The story of the protagonist of the intricacies of pottery mixed with his reflections on life that shows us clearly and multidimensional character. In the film, there was a place of Russian history and the story of the workshop and any profound truths «skill».

Director: Georgy Soldatov

Producers: Georgy Soldatov and Ekaterina Lukomskaya

Studio: Лаэто Филмс