2017 | Fiction | 10 min. | Russia

Do you know what happens in the head of a person who passes you?

Directors statement

This work has become a debut for us as directors. Sharing our personal understanding of cinema language as it is was very important step because we believe that individual language and creative latitude are fundamental components of movie-making. Of course, we were afraid of we won’t be understood or accepted by the audience but our sincere intention to speak out as only we can do it did not allow us to settle for compromises. This is why it was very pleasant and flattering to have a positive response from the audience. There are a few main themes which are intersected between themselves in this movie: the total loneliness of one person in a big city and the incessant digital fixation of reality in the modern world. Also, we wanted to say how we know nothing (even if we try our best) about what is going on in the head of any person close to us. Despite our opinion, we were trying not to impose or dictate our point of view in the story we are telling. We think that it is more important to give our spectator some space for his internal dialogue with this story, let him find something personal in it and determine the boundaries of what is sad and what is funny there.

Directors: Aleksey Ilyin and Grigory Kalinin

Producers: Grigory Kalinin and Ella Skovorodina

Сast: Rodion Galuchenko, Artur Muhamadiyarov, Egor Rybakov, Valentina Panina and Ilya Ilyin