2017 | Animation | 74 min. | Russia

Sinbad, a merry young pirate, has not been very successful in the pirating business. For a year now he and his crew have failed to capture a single ship. But fortune is smiling on Sinbad: the old man Antioch shows him an ancient map and suggests he sail to Skeleton Island, where treasure is kept. Sinbad is unaware that Antioch is a sorcerer who is pursuing his own selfish designs. Plus, Solara, Sinbad’s childhood friend, has suddenly shown up. Is it really love? No, Sinbad won’t just give up like that! The way to Skeleton Island lies across the Sea of Seven Storms. Sinbad and his crew can look forward to a struggle with the Rope Monster and an encounter with his sworn enemy, the pirate Kesam. Adventures on the island await them as well: the Cyclops, the giant Rukh bird and her young.

Director: Vlad Barbe

Producer: Sergey Selyanov

Сast: Dmitry Nagiyev, Yuri Stoyanov, Kirill Nagiyev, Ekaterina Spitsa, Svetlana Permyakova, Alisa Vox and Alexander Pushnoy

Studio: Animation Studio "Skazka"