2019 | Fiction | 23 min. | Russia | 18+

The main character Ghera tries to solve a large number of problems – in between raving, drinking, doing drugs and getting tattoos. This is just one Ghera’s day full of very changeable and controversial emotions: it starts with stealing his father’s gun for “resolving” the situation with a best friend, who had sex with Ghera’s girlfriend, and ended with taking LSD from accidentally founded package with possibly new one.

Directors statement

“The sad movie” is not a traditional telling of the story, but the atmosphere and the mood, showing with the movie language. Parties, drugs, non-stop music -- and every step is in the social media feed. It’s a life of Z-generation as is, without any lessons and tips.

Director: Kristina Disco

Producer: Kristina Disco

Сast: Leon Eskin and Nina Gisbreht