2020 | Documentary | 97 min. | Russia | 18+

The film almanac “33 Words About Design” is a film-research about the design in Russia. It is believed that there is no specifically Russian approach to design. But what if they underestimate the influence of culture, history and surrounding reality on the style and aesthetic guidelines of those who creates our visual environment? A company of 33 modern Russian designers was united for the film-almanac. Among them are many famous names: Artemy Lebedev, Valery Golyzhenkov, Pokras Lampas, Anton Schneider, Denis Bashev, Oleg Pashchenko. They all speak and think in Russian and are inevitably inspired by what has come into our everyday life, books, practices, rituals, holidays, economics, historical memory and fashion. With the help of these 33 guides, the almanac will try to find the features and boundaries of our national perception of beauty and see what ethical and aesthetic values ​​we give to the world.

Directors: Natalya Klimchuk and Olga Morozova

Producers: Natalya Klimchuk and Olga Morozova

Сast: Pavel One, Artyom Bogantsev and Tata Tereshkina