Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm


Years running: 51 (since 1974)

Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm

International Festival of Sustainable Development Films.


IFF Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm 2015 came into being as a result of a successful cooperation of two popular and traditional film events with the same environmental  mission such as nature conservation. The merger of the 42th International Festival of Sustainable Development Films Ekotopfilm and 21st International Environmental Film Festival brings the audience a broader scope of films at two festival venues at the same time. The event shall showcase top-notch film documentaries on sustainable life style, nature conservation, change on our attitude towards the environment, and last but not least technology and process innovations for effective resources' management. 

The aim of the festival is to introduce, confront and encourage the production of films and TV programs with the intention of nature and environment protection in a worldwide scale, to broaden the horizons of people and to increase their activity in resolving those issues, and also to assist with the education and care for the nature and environment at the same time.

The International Film Festival Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm 2015 is about new technologies, science, research, environment and ecology

The Ministry of the Environment of Slovakia and 11 government departments are the professional guarantors for the IFF Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm 2015.  The joint festival event shall be held under the auspices of the President of Slovakia Mr. Andrej Kiska.  

The IFF Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm 2015 shall offer numerous accompanying events such as discussions, talks with film directors, workshops, exhibitions, presentation, lectures   and “outdoor“ activities with the objective to connect, educate, bring new solutions and entertain both old and young on the theme of sustainable development. 


  • Grand Prix - Prize of the Slovak Government,
  • Six main prizes for each respective category,
  • Prize of the International Jury,
  • Other prizes and honor acknowledgements.


  • Only entries produced after January 1, 2021 shall be accepted for the international competition. 

The films entered into the Contest must deal with sustainable development, and are evaluated in the festival categories (see above).

Participation at other festivals is not a limitation. The number of submitted entries is not limited.

Audio language: original

Subtitles language: English

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers

Ekotopfilm ltd. in cooperation with Agency Tristan ltd., Civic Association for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMEN, non-profit org. and other partners – professional guarantors – 13 Ministries of the Slovak Government, capital city of Bratislava, town of Kosice and other NGOs.







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Zadunajská cesta 12
Bratislava 85101

Phone: +421 2 635 30 333

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening Date
    November 07, 2022
  • Deadline
    February 15, 2023
  • Notifications
    February 15, 2023
  • Event Dates
    22 — 26 May 2023
Categories & Fees

max 15 Minutes – This category is for short films addressing ecology, natural science, environmental issues and sustainability in thought-provoking and inspiring way.

  • Deadline — free

Films explaining the necessity of global sustainability, inspiring and encouraging to change our attitude and acting towards our Planet Earth (60 minutes and longer).

  • Deadline — free

Max 15 Minutes – Films for school age children, those focus on environmental education (recycling, endangered species, endangered environments etc.).

  • Deadline — free

max 60 Minutes – Films intended to inform and entertain by creatively exploring ecological systems and their inhabitants (people, flora, fauna). The goal of these films is to show viewers how earth’s inhabitants interact within their environment and how each one attempts to maintain their position and continue to thrive.

  • Deadline — free

max 60 Minutes – Films about individuals (or groups) who have used science or technology to successfully address a specific ecological problem. These films should describe the technological activities that are improving local sustainability issues, and that may have global applications.

  • Deadline — free

max 60 Minutes – Films about contemporary ecological sustainability issues and crises, and their impact on global or local environment or culture. These issues can be the result of natural events such as climate change, drought, storms, floods, or earthquakes; or the result of human activity, such as population growth, habitat destruction, misuse of natural resources, or waste mismanagement.

  • Deadline — free
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