2017 | Fiction | 17 min. | Georgia, Russia

The film is set in a small courtyard, in the center a cozy, Sunny, southern city. The nominal head of a friendly family decides to whatever was to find out who fell in love with the youngest daughter. He has the right to drink in moderation, get angry to the extent of and know. But for the happiness of his daughter, he is ready for everything, even the conflict with the neighbour and his closest friend. However, neither he nor any of his neighbors who also care about girls even can not imagine who is the heartthrob of girls...

Director: Arsen Аgadjanyan

Producer: Tamara Gogichaishvili

Сast: Mamuka Loria-Gia, Mzia Arabuli-Sofiko, Soso Lagidze-Pablo and Gia Korkotashvili-Vaso