2017 | Fiction | 15 min. | Russia, United Kingdom

Dawn of the 20th century, Russia. Konstantin is a guest at a social musical evening. The guests ask of him to perform the very melody that made him famous, however he is reluctant to do so. Konstantin takes shelter in the other room, when suddenly he hears his melody being played, the very melody that he composed some years ago. The music takes him back to when he was happy, and when his Muse was beside him.

Directors statement

The idea of a film about a composer had its inception quite a while back. About 5 years ago, before I got to complete a course in Directing at London Film Academy. Music is a big passion of mine and I put a lot of thought into the whole process of writing a melody. All of this and an ongoing interest in pre-revolution Russia were the roots to this short film. After relocating to London, my admiration for Russian literature grew and I knew that I had to channel this inspiration into a film.

Director: Yury Sharov

Producer: Ashot Kazaryan

Studio: InTune Media